Short And Long Paragraph On Mahatma Gandhi For Students

Paragraph On Mahatma Gandhi In English: Here is a short and long Paragraph on Mahatma Gandhi for Student study and knowledge of Gandhi Jayanti for every class Students.

Paragraph On mahatma gandhi

Short Descriptive Paragraph On Mahatma Gandhi For Students

Mohandas Karam Chand Gandhi also knows as ‘Mahatma Gandhi’ was one of the greatest freedom fighters the world has ever known. He was a great humanitarian who had a very spiritual mind. He gave this world true meaning of peace and set great moral standards before us. He always wanted to see India prosper but unfortunately, he became a martyr because of fighting for the noble cause of Hindu-Muslim unity.

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Early Life Of Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi was born in Gujrat India on 2nd October 1869. He belonged to a wealthy family and was youngest among his siblings. His father Karim Chand was a great man and mother’s name was putlibai. She was religious women. Gandhi G got married in his early child age of 13 with Kasturbai Manji.

It was the norm of society back then to get married at early age. He and his wife had 4 children after which he went abroad to study further.

Education Of Mahatma Gandhi

His early schooling was done at Rajkot. At age of 18, he passed matriculation successfully and entered into college.

In 1888, he went to London to study and returned to India after becoming a successful barrister. At first, he began to practice at Bombay high court.

Freedom Struggles

He went to south Africa in 1894 in connection with a law suit. Although his case was over but he continued to stay there.

He faced many hurdles there. He saw that white men used to treat dark Indians very badly. He himself was disgraced badly many times.

He used to believe that all human beings should be treated in same way regardless of their caste, color and religion.

Therefore, he decided to fight against this injustice. He started campaigns of civil compliance there.

Finally, he returned to India in 1915, after twenty years and joined freedom fight. Mahatma Gandhi led the national freedom struggle against British rule which was completely non-violent.

He kept fighting against racial discrimination and to protect his nation from British rule. He was a strong believer in truth.

He devoted himself to the betterment of villages and abolition of untouchability. He was arrested many times and put in jail but he did not lose hope and stayed focused on his goals.

Gandhi urged the Indians to fight for their rights and stop cooperating with the British. So, he called for Quit India Movement.

Many people sacrificed their lives in the struggle for independence. Finally, On 15th August 1947, India finally became independent with the partition of India into two nations.

Achievements of Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi Ji made a remarkable contribution to the field of education. He himself was a well-read man and good writer.

His philosophy of ahimsa, satyagraha and civil disobedience is still a powerful philosophy and has helped many people around the world to find against discrimination. He played an important role in upliftment of women across country.

He formed SEWA (Self Employed Women’s Association) in Ahmedabad for supporting and providing women with better health care.

He was the first leader to raise for ‘self rule’ and always took part in fights against discrimination. He wrote several books including “The words of Gandhi”, “All men are brothers”, “pathway to GOD” which ignited hope in people to achieve what they aspire for and to raise voice against injustice.

His Death:

Mahatma Gandhi was a patriotic leader with great personality. On January 30th, 1948, he was shot dead by an Indian when he was on his way to attend prayer.

Birthday of Gandhi G celebrated every year as international day of non-violence. His death news speeded with sadness among his followers and undoubtedly it left a great vacuum in the life of nation.


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