Paragraph On Mobile Phone | Advantage & Disadvantage

Write a Paragraph On Mobile Phone and smart phone for Student. Example is given below for children’s guidelines about how to describe your mobile phone.

Short paragraph on mobile phone

Mobile Phone Paragraph | For Children & Students

Mobile phone is the most advanced technology designed to make our life easier. A complete change in human life has been seen for doing official and social relationship depending on mobile phone. Mobiles phones have now become universally popular.

They enable us to call anyone at any time and independent of a landline connection. They allow us to get all world’s information no matter where we are. Basically, one can connect with whole world with this small device that easily fits in hand.

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Importance Of Mobile Phones

Mobile phones play a very important role in our daily part of life. There are different software featured in mobile phones including calculator, dictionary, time clock, reminder, note pad etc. which are extremely helpful for students.

Mobile phones have revolutionized our daily life and they are doing wonders in the fields of business, culture, trade, education and commerce.

There were times when telephones were the only source of communication and if the wire was disconnected, the communication would be lost. But now with this amazing technology, there are no obstacles in having a quick communication with family and friends.

Advantages Of Mobile Phones

1. Means of communication: A man can take full advantage of mobile to communicate with his friends and family. Sending and receiving messages on cell phone is also a great benefits.

2. Source of entertainment: Mobile phones are a source of unlimited entertainment. In this era where everybody is constantly working, mobile phones are a source of entertainment to relax and fresh mind. It includes a bundle of features like games, music, camera and other social apps to keep one entertained.

3. Source of information: Mobile phones are not only best to communicate but they are also helpful in doing assignments and projects. There is a vast information about anything that a person can find on internet. Also, there are smart phones which include many educational apps which allows a person to learn many informative things.

4. Location accessibility: With the help of maps installed in your phone, you can easily locate any location when you are lost. You can easily find any nearby restaurant, patrol pump or grocery store. This is how much easier these cell phones made our life.

Disadvantage Of Mobile Phones

1. Misuse: Unfortunately, there are some disadvantages of mobile phones as well. Some people misuse the phone to annoy other people. They disturb others by doing prank calls or sending non-sense messages. It is not a good thing and disturbs the privacy of other person.

2. Accidents: People do not take road signs seriously and continuously use cell phones while driving. They would listen to calls or send text messages without looking at road. This results in severe accidents.

3. Addiction: Most of the students get addictive to their mobile phones. They develop a habit of constantly checking their phones which distracts them from studying. Also, their eyes are constantly glued to the mobile screen to play games, watch movies or chat with friends. In all of this, they forget to give proper time to study which results in bad grades.

4. Communication gap: With continuous use of cell phones, people have disconnected from their families. It is creating lack of physical communication between families. Children have no time for their parents and this communication gap has led to misunderstandings and distances between families.


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No doubt, mobile phone is the most useful innovation for mankind if used properly and wisely. It is clearly evident that mobile phones have become our basic need but we should use mobile phones in a proper manner.

We should avoid too much use of mobile phones to keep ourselves healthy. Every picture has two sides and now it depends on us that what side are we choosing.

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