Paragraph on My Father | My Father Paragraphs For Children & Students

Paragraph On My Father | My Father Paragraph For Students

Father is the only person who runs whole family. A family is incomplete without a father, he plays an important role in an individual’s life.

The Following Paragraph on My Father covers up the following main points in detail.

  • My father my hero
  • My father my leader
  • My father source of inspiration
  • He is my best friend
  • He is my whole world

Short And Long Paragraph On My Father Is My Hero

My father is the head of our family and works hard. He works every waking moment for the betterment of all members of family.

my father Paragraph

He is the basic pillar of our family. He provides us food and shelter and fulfill the basic necessities of our life.

He is very loving, caring and hard working. He has dedicated most of his life for the comfort and peace of our family.

He is very patient, even while confronting hard times he never lose tranquility of mind.

He tackles problems of day to day life very peacefully. He is very helpful in nature.

Sometimes he takes part in cooking with my mom, he never hesitate to help my mother in preparation of food. He never takes dinner alone, he takes dinner with us.

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He is very fastidious in nature, he is very strict in his daily routine. He waked up early in the morning, takes breakfast and goes to office. He takes his lunch there at office.

If he ever happens to go out at evening, he returns home before dinner for having dinner with us. If he ever gets late to come, we all wait for him to come because we can’t take dinner without him.

He is very religious, he follows the teachings of religion practically. He lives an upright and spiritual life. He is very honest, truthful and compassionate to everyone.

He lives a sin free life and also teaches us to live a good life. He is an ideal person to me. He is very disciplined and teaches us to lead a well disciplined life. He has taught me that practice discipline in all aspects of life.

He is jovial in nature, when he is free he makes us laugh. My father is my whole world, I being under his umbrella have no worry, no tension. He is my life because it is he who makes me happy and fulfill my wishes.

He is charitable, he keep helping poor and needy people. He has also undying love for animals, he is sympathetic and soft heart man.

He behaves very politely and respects elders and loves young ones. He treats all family members equally, he never discriminate nor he like discrimination.

He is the source of inspiration to me, he always encourages me to go ahead in life. I achingly aspire to be like my father, because his nature and habits have influenced me highly.

If I will follow his lifestyle, my life will be sorted. I am very grateful to God because he has made me a son of such a unique and great father.

He is my leader because he teaches me how to discover my own passion and field of interest in life. He has always advised me to do what I like and what I aspire to be. He encourages me in the pursuance of my dreams in life.

I owe everything to my father, he is my best friend, my leader, my guardian and my role model. He nurtured me very nicely. He taught me all ethics and etiquette of life. He made me a complete human being.

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All achievements that I made in life, all are because of my father because he provided me everything that I needed.

Frank A. Clark had rightly said that “ A father is a man who expects his son to be as good a man as he meant to be”. Frank A.

To conclude with the words of Hedy Lamar who once said that “ I am not ashamed to say that no man I ever met was my father’s equal”.

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