Short Paragraph On My Favourite Fruit Apple For Students

My Favourite Fruit Paragraph is written below for all class students in simple English. Child students can collect ideas for practicing writing a paragraph.

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About My Favourite Fruit Apple Paragraph Writing Example For Students

Topic My Favourite Fruit: The Apple

The most choice food of mine is the apple. It is my absolute favorite fruit. I can’t think of any other fruit that I can enjoy as much as an apple. No preparation is required before consumption. All you have to do is peel it off and enjoy its juice.

Apples are good for health. They are rich in nutrients and minerals. There is hardly a negative point about apples that can be cited as a disadvantage. I think the only downside to an apple is that if you overeat it can cause stomach problems due to its acidity and acidity.

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Apples are not only a tasty fruit but also an integral part of various festivals and celebrations. For example, on Halloween or New Year’s Eve, small decorative apple figures are exchanged as lucky charms that will be celebrated in the coming year. In addition, one often sees large apple sculptures between different decorations of an event.


In conclusion, given all of the benefits and benefits of an apple, it is very clear that this fruit deserves to be at the top of my favorite fruit list.