100 To 500 Words Paragraph On Newspaper For Class 8

Paragraph about Newspaper is a simple easy topic for students. Below here  I have briefly described valuable ideas, supporting sentences ten and more lines  about topic Newspaper.

what is Newspaper in simple words?

it is a printed media. It can said to be the powerhouse of information. It is the oldest forms of mass of communication.

About Newspaper Paragraph Writing Example in English for Students

A newspaper contain latest information on almost every topic of world. It is full with articles on various topics like politics, sports, entertainment, education, business culture, current topics and many more. It contains news form all around the country and world.

Newspaper paragraph

It also contains opinions of different people on different affairs. It is a very powerful medium of spreading information among people. It is very important for us to know that what is happening around us.

The world’s first newspaper, Acta Diurna, was published in Rome in 59 BC, and the first weekly newspaper, Relation, was published in 1605. The newspaper is still important in Western countries today. Even today we believe in newspaper news. To further promote the trend of newspaper reading, the All Pakistan Newspaper Society (APNS) announced the celebration of “National Reading Newspaper Day” on September 25 last year. The purpose of this day is to increase the tendency of reading and reading among the youth and to attract them towards it.

Modern era and newspaper

Everything collapsed and turned into a few finger movements. People started reading the newspaper on mobile phones and computers. As time went on, social media took on such a color that now every news spread like wildfire, due to which people reduced their reading of the newspaper. But now there are some people who are fond of reading newspapers and also read them regularly, their day starts even today by reading newspapers, however the new generation is not much aware of the importance of newspapers. They spend most of their time on social media, while the news on social media is not as important as the newspaper.

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[su_quote cite=”John Jay Chapman”]A magazine or a newspaper is a shop. Each is an experiment and represents a new focus, a new ratio between commerce and intellect.[/su_quote][/su_box]

The importance of the newspaper cannot be denied. I think people’s reading habits have not diminished but increased but their reading styles have changed. For example, now people do not buy books but read them by downloading them on their mobile phones or computers.

Importance of reading Newspapers

There are many benefits to reading a newspaper. It keeps us informed about the modern age. But nowadays the tendency to read the newspaper has decreased a lot.

I think that newspapers help us to understand the problems that occur in the society. IQ levels also increase. Reading a newspaper depends on improving one’s judgment. Improving judgment by reading a newspaper depends on how much the reader is learning from it.

The newspaper should be read more, so as to be aware of the situation and events around. People are giving more importance to modern inventions, that is why not only newspapers but also books are not as important as before, because now we have an alternative like television. That is why the new generation no longer reads newspapers at all. That is, people have not stopped reading the newspaper but have stopped buying it.

Conclusion Lines

Nowadays, newspapers are the best and easiest way to get information. A regular reader of the newspaper is aware of the policies of the government, the trends of the people and the international situation.

The newspaper is not a collection of a few rows, but it would not be wrong to call it a jam. The newspaper is also the law of communication between the government and the people .So, we must develop the habit of reading newspaper.