Paragraph On Picnic In 100 Words For 4, 5 Class Students

This short paragraph on picnic will describe the benefits and importance of picnics and outings in our life.

A picnic is an outing with fun and the simple joy of life. It is visiting or attending to nature’s call with one’s parents, relatives, or friends.

Paragraph On Picnic With Friend & Family

A wonderful outing trip is completely related to good weather, especially in the spring season. It feels more fun through wandering in the woods, watching birds and flowers, listening to the rustling sound of the wind through leaves, lying on green grass under blue skies, basking in glorious sunshine, gazing at clouds of various shapes and sizes, flying kites, singing songs, dancing

On Sundays, students may like to visit local or public parks in the city with their friends or relatives. But I think one must follow the park rules while enjoying themselves there. You should also make some arrangements at home for a picnic trip with your friends, like a cookout party on the balcony or the rooftop. For

spending a single day under the blue sky is a really good idea. Dancing to the cool breeze, sipping sweet juice, and munching on yummy food are refreshing experiences for children. That’s why I love going on picnics with my friends and family members.

Picnic is associates with happiness

Picnics are completely associated with lots of fun and happiness. Picnics enables us to dream and plan such opportunities to spend some quality time with family members and relatives, loved ones, and best friends. Everyone likes spending their day outdoors surrounded by a great environment, greenery, and fresh air.

You will feel relaxed, once you go out of the city or any town for a picnic. You can roam about anywhere on foot to nearby places like parks and by bus and car to enjoy yourself thoroughly.

Favorite places for picnic

 I ever found a very popular and luxury picnic place near Delhi is Moti Bagh, Auchandi Ridge, Ridge Forest are my favorite spots. These places have lush green shining lawns and beautiful green gardens with a variety of different flowers. You can go for a morning and evening walk on the well-laid garden paths alone or with your best friend.

Another great place that I suggest for worth visiting is Lodhi Garden at Lodhi Road. The Lodhi garden has many excellent trees, including the Champa and Gulmohar. There are several fountains in this garden that is ever-increasing their beauty wonderfully.

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People with their children of all age groups love to go on picnics because there is plenty of scope for fun and enjoyment. No matter, which season it is – summer, winter, or monsoon. Especially during summers, a lush green attracting garden is a great place to spend a hot afternoon and in winters, you can have fun in the snow. Of course, you will feel great fun during the rainy season, you can play with mud and enjoy it a lot.

Importance of picnic in our life

By paying for a picnic, you also get an opportunity to maintain social relationships with your friends and socialize with family members. You get to learn more about them.

Another form of the picnic is Camping, which has now become quite popular among youngsters. You can go camping with friends or family.

 You can take your tents to live in, food commodities, utensils, etc. On the first day you reach your campsite, build a bonfire and sit around it after dinner to share stories. This practice is very popular in winter.

Good food and outfits are very important parts of every picnic, so you should carry plenty of dry fruits, snacks, and goodies. Don’t forget to take some light toys for your kids to make them happy. Watermelon, grapes are fantastic items to eat especially in summer picnics.

When planning a picnic, review your checklist of items to make sure that you have all the required items before leaving for your picnic destination. Take special care of your belongings, especially your smartphones, wallets, charger, etc. Do not litter the place with papers or empty bottles. Try to maintain the beauty around you, so can see beauty on your next trip.


A picnic is an outing with the fun and joy of life. It has several forms, it’s every form always creates lots of happy and unforgettable memories of life. A good time to go on a picnic to get fun competition fun is when the weather is pleasant. Planning can make your picnic enjoyable for all.