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Short Paragraph on population explosion

Write A Brief Paragraph on Population Explosion, Growth And Give Your Point To Control

The total number of beings in a particular area or within a political or geographical area like a town, city or a nation.

Count of number of residents in a city or nation is very important because it help us act accordingly, without estimation of population we can’t know how much resources are needed in a particular area.

There are many countries if our world where the population of humans is counted very high while in some countries it is at low level.

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Overall, the human population is a serious concern of world these days, it has increased exceedingly.

Over population has caused many problems throughout the world, but ever increasing population is making problems more worse day by day.

China is the most populated country of the world, India is the second populated country of the world, according to an estimation about 17% of world population lives in India.

Causes of Over Population

The major cause of over population is the early marriage, it is observed that in many countries people force their young daughters to marry at an early age, young girls start bearing children from a early age who ultimately give birth to many children.

Poverty is the leading cause of overpopulation, people believe that if they will have more children they will earn more, so they give birth to many children to have more hands to earn.

Another cause of over population is the poor use of contraceptives, where there is availability of contraceptives there population is controlled.

As the mortality rate is reduced due to technology, many deadly diseases are cured successfully, diseases caused by virus like polio, measles etc are completely eradicated and highly advanced technology to treat patients is introduced in world which has reduced mortality rate that’s why population has increased.

As the fertility treatment is introduced which has helped many infertile women bear children.

Effects of Over Population

Over population has caused shortage of food and natural resources, as every individual need food, shelter and basic needs, the ever increasing population has made it difficult to provide basic facilities to all.

Hardly all citizens get equal share of resources, it is all because of over population. Rapidly enhancing in population has badly affected our surrounding natural environment, for food and shelter. Cutting trees is also most harmful.

The deforestation on mass level made many species of animals and birds extinct because their natural habitat is destroyed by people.

All types of pollution are mainly caused by overpopulation, to help afford the needs of people, industrialization increased, industrial waste polluted water bodies and land and people purchased more automobiles.

The smoke of vehicles and factories polluted the air of environment. Due to water and air pollution many diseases are caused.

Global warming and climate change are also caused by human activities, as population increased these problems became more worse and are getting worse.

Whole world is suffering from climate change, the basic cause of climate change is over population.

The most dangerous effect of over population is lowering the literacy rate, for example in India literacy rate is already low.

In India poor and illiterate people have greater number of children, the literacy rate will go down annually.

Apart from it unemployment is also caused by over population, nations are unable to provide job opportunities to ever increasing population.

It leads to criminal activities in youth, it become entirely unsafe to live where there is high unemployment.

Solutions; How to Control Over Population

World experts recommended that, the most effective solution of over population is to create such a environment where awareness among people should be provided through mass and media communication. The second important solution is convoying of knowledge to both man and woman to illiterate about birth control methods.

There is need of better sex education, people don’t use contraceptives even bearing three children, they should be taught to make gap of at least two years after every child.

A policy or law should be enacted for the citizens like two-child policy or one child policy or three child policy.

The old set policy of bearing more children should be abolished and changed into desired one to control population of a particular area.

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Population is not eternally bad but sufficient populace in a state can be easily and smoothly provided basic public facilities of human life.

Over population creat several problems like increasing pollution, accidents, and many others which make lives more miserable.

They should apply advance methods to treat equally and fairly. Unfortunately because of enhancing populace young population of a nation is badly suffering unemployment.

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