Short Paragraph On Poverty In 100 Words | causes & Impacts

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Poverty is a controversial issue. Several factors are increasing the rate of poverty day by day. It is sad to say that all the causes of poverty are made by human beings.

About Poverty Short Paragraphs Essay Writing | Causes And Impacts

What is poverty?

Poverty is a bad condition. It is defined as an area or state in which a person or group lacks the financial means to meet basic needs of livelihood such as food, clothing, and shelter for themselves and their family. It can be observed from different perspectives including psychological, social, political, and economic conditions. These conditions cause many problems that sometimes lead to criminality, drug addiction, or even death.

What are the causes of poverty in India?

There may be many causes of poverty, some are known and others less known. The impact on different groups of people is also quite variable.

People can’t meet the prices of daily usable commodities due to ever-increasing price hikes. The main cause of worldwide poverty are complex and include low income (e.g. the low wage), poor employment conditions (e.g. pay, working hours), or lack of education and skills (ability to find work). Some causes are less well known, such as poor basic education and lack of modern language skills. Causes can vary from state to state and might even vary within regions (e.g. some causes were more important in the past).

Effects of poverty

Poverty affects a family or group directly and its reproduction. Similarly, it has an impact on a region and state. The increasing number of criminal activities aimed at getting money through illegal ways is a very clear impact of poverty on society or a region. Poverty creates a vacuum in values, peace, and prosperity.

Injustice is another major impact of poverty. It is causing criminal activities and, somewhere, it has been promoted into terrorism.

Effectively reducing or overcoming the increasing rate of poverty requires different approaches according to causes and location. Proper economic growth is one of the most important factors in reducing poverty. Sometimes the mechanisms behind this are not perfectly understood, but many theories might play a role. For example, it is thought that more employment opportunities allow better working conditions.

To overcome the poverty cycle of a state, the causes of poverty among nations must be identified and dealt with effectively. Controlling deliberately price hikes in local markets is the best way to reduce poverty. Health and education are fundamental rights of people, Government should not let people provide it in business ways.

Law and enforcement authorities should be active to observe every walk of people that are directly or indirectly involved in illegal activities that can be the cause of poverty among the nation.


Price hike or inflation increases stress and anxiety and frustrations in one’s life, who can’t face the requirements of daily life. It lay a serious impact on poor children whose parent can’t afford their educational expenditures. This got ruined both base and future.