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Importance of republic day of india Paragraph

Write A Brief Paragraph On Republic Day Of India


The term ‘republic’ means a country where power belongs to its people and they have the authority to pick their President. It also means a state that is free of monarchy. Because of strong democracy, India has a fair and independent judicial system.

Republic day is a national holiday and it is celebrated like a national event. This day is of great historic importance to country. It is celebrated on 26th January. On this day, India became a democratic country and gave itself a constitution of its own. It is a day to celebrate our democracy and spirit of freedom because it marks the day when India truly got independence and adopted its constitution.

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Importance Of Republic Day

India got independence in 1947 after which a constituent assembly was formed in order to make constitution. It took two years to make the constitution and was finally completed on November 26th, 1949 after which it was announced on 26th December. That is when India celebrated its first republic day on 26th of January. First president of India, Rajendra Prasad, took oath and gave speech on this day in 1950.

Republic day reminds us of the great sacrifices that our ancestor made to gain independence. A kind of patriotic feeling already arises on this day and people celebrate this day with more enthusiasm to honor our great ancestors and leaders.

Celebrations Of Republic Day

Republic day is celebrated with great enthusiasm. The air of country is filled with pride and patriotism. This day brings together the country as a whole and people of every religion, caste and creed celebrate this day. Schools and colleges also celebrate this day on larger scale. Essay, painting and speech competitions are held in campuses and students try their best to win these competitions.

On this day, the celebration starts with hoisting the flag and then reciting National Anthem. The current President of the nation raises the national flag. After this, there are special parades where people of all state participate equally. People begin to gather early in the morning at Rajpat to watch this parade. Children of local schools and colleges also contribute in this parade and they sing national songs. The tunes played by military bands make the atmosphere even more patriotic.

Dignified state heads and high-ranking officers are invited as chief guests. The cultural programs happening at parade ground depicts history and culture of India and attract all the viewers. After the parade, bravery awards are also distributed among the courageous people of nation, the people who protect this country with their lives.

The war planes display their skill in the sky and amuse spectators. After this, the fly-past by the Armed Force planes conveying the national banner, mark the last entry. At night, beautiful fireworks take place and all the government buildings are illuminated. They look so beautiful that all the people move out to watch these lights.

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Republic day is celebrated with great enthusiasm. We should also take equal part in the celebrations to honor our ancestors who sacrificed their lives for the safety of our country. We should never forget the long journey of freedom and struggles of our forefathers to make this country a better place for us.

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