Example Paragraph On Road Safety For 6, 7, 8 Class Students

Read below the best short and long paragraphs written on the topic of road safety and its importance for all students and children.

Road safety refers to the methods and measures of law followed by society to reduce traffic incidents and casualties, particularly those related to vehicles.

Road Safety And Its Importance Paragraph For Students & Children

In 1890, the first road safety measures were taken. Speed limits have been increased from 40 km/h to 50 km/h in some countries. The first-ever motorcar was manufactured in 1897. It took another 16 years before the first pedestrian crossing was installed in England.

In big countries

where roads can be dangerous, a lot of care must be taken by traffic police to keep road users safe. Road signs and traffic lights are put up to keep people safe, but they sometimes fail due to weather or any other issue. The main factors that contribute to road accidents are errors by drivers such as excessive speed limit, intoxication, and distractions such as using mobile phones for calls and entertainment.

All road safety starts with the individual. One should drive correctly and carefully. A driver should abide by road laws to keep oneself safe. Pedestrians people should also take precautions when walking near roads especially around traffic during night time.

how is road safety?

To keep roads safe from incidents, special care needs to be taken by road users and the law and enforcement authorities concerned. Safety precautions and road safety education should begin early enough and be carried out frequently for all road users, starting with school children, drivers, and pedestrians.

Road authorities ensure adequate street lighting on main roads. Drivers should maintain optimal operating conditions at all times for safe travel. Roads must be well constructed with road signs that should be visible to drivers.

The guidelines by the World Health Organization for road safety state that countries should consider speed limits, blood alcohol concentration levels, seat belts, and the correct use of helmets by motorcycle and motorcycle riders as priority areas for policy intervention to reduce car crash casualties.

What are the road safety precautions for students?

Education is the best key to road safety. Schoolchildren should be educated on traffic signs and how to behave while walking near and crossing roads. Children should also learn about the consequences of not following traffic rules, such as driving recklessly and breaking other laws. Students must be taught to look out for each other and avoid breaking road laws. This will help them grow up as responsible citizens.

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Children should be taught how to use pedestrian crossings. They should also be warned about talking with strangers or accepting things from strangers. Using smart mobile phones during the night is not advised as it distracts the driver and they might end up in an incident.

What are road safety precautions for drivers?

Drivers must always stay alert to avoid errors and overspending and never drive under the influence of drugs and alcohol. They should always wear safety belts and maintain optimal operating conditions for their cars at all times. They should also obey authorized speed limits and stay in lanes during driving. Distractions such as eating, applying makeup, or talking on the phone must be avoided while they are in the steering seat.

What are road safety for pedestrians?

Citizens and pedestrians should always use foot crossings and zebra crossings when walking near roads to avoid accidents. At night, they should wear reflective shirts or other materials or jackets so that drivers can spot them easily, especially when they are standing near the road. One should not walk along the roadside, especially where there are no street lights. It is also advisable to keep phones turned off and away from the table to avoid distractions.

How can we keep road safe?

Keeping roads safe could be simple if all citizens needed to work together and abide by the road safety rules whenever they are using the road. All people must be educated, how to behave when they are on the road. Special care must be taken around traffic at night time where visibility is low. We should also avoid distracting ourselves when we are behind the wheels.


Education for road safety should begin early and be reinforced regularly through social media. One should always remember that our roads can be fatal if he does not abide by the rules.

Pedestrians should always use crossings while staying alert to avoid accidents with vehicles. Drivers too must try to avoid distractions such as eating or drinking while driving. They should also obey speed limits and stay in lanes. For drivers, their cars must be in optimal condition before starting a journey.