Paragraphs on Water, Value & Importance | Save Water Paragraphs For Children & Students

Paragraph On Save Water | Short & Long Paragraph For Students

Water is life, it is the most essential ingredient of life. All plants and animals need water to survive on this planet earth.

Save Water Save Life Paragraph | Value & Importance | Save Water Save Earth Paragraph

To waste this vital commodity is to waste life on this planet. Our planet will become dry if water is not saved.

The following Paragraphs on Water & its importance are quite useful for children & students. These paragraphs cover the following in all; Paragraph on water

  • What is water?
  • The value and importance of water
  • Uses of water.
  • Why is it necessary to save water
  • Ways to save water.

The scarcity of this natural resource is a threat to all living forms on earth.

One can not imagine life without water. It is impossible for a human being or an animal to survive without water.

Even plants will whither and die without water. The whole system of universe is running through water. Without water everything that exits will die and lose vitality.

Though it is tasteless, odorless and colorless but all colors on this planet earth are with water.One who dares to waste water can’t face its scarcity.

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It is water which gives life and its scarcity can take life. If water had not been important we would had preferred to live in deserts where people yearn for a single drop of water.

Uses of water

Waste is a universal solvent. It is used in many forms. We use it for drinking, washing, cooking,bathing and cleaning. All our gardens need water to grow. It is used for irrigation.

Without water we can’t cultivate crops. It is used in industries and factories to manufacture different products. It is also used in pharmaceutical companies to prepare drugs and medicines.

Except these uses there are several other uses of water, without water how would we perform all these activities and live peacefully.

As we know that 70% of earth’s surface is covered with water. Only 2% is fresh water for us to use. If we will keep wasting fresh water one day it will go scarce and there will not be even a drop to drink.

It is as essential as Air so it is very necessary to save water. Water, water every where but not a drop to drink. Little drops of water makes mighty oceans, every drop of water is counted.

How to Save Water?

Much of the fresh water is lost and wasted, it’s high time to take minimal attempts to save this precious commodity. Here are some ways to save it.

  • Let’s make it our duty to save water, as we accomplish our other responsibilities, to save water should become our personal responsibility.
  • Even we must not waste rain water, it should be collected and reused for gardening.
  • Use little water while washing clothes and taking shower.Use buckets instead of shower.
  • As there is extreme evaporation during day time, water plants at evening to help minimize evaporation.
  • Don’t let tap running while brushing your teeth, washing face or hands. It’s our habit to leave tap running.
  • Industrialization pollute water bodies. During industrial activities too much water is wasted. Authorities concerned must take strict notice of all places where water is used carelessly.
  • Repair taps regularly, leakages waste water from taps.
  • Let’s educate our kids to save water and increase awareness among people to save water other wise life on this planet will be lost.
  • It is time to care and save water before streams go bare.


Water is the priceless natural resource on this earth. It is the nature’s daughter, very help regulate all that exists.

Someone has rightly said that “we can’t drink dust, dirt, oil or rust but water”. Let’s save water to save our lives and our generations to come.

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