Paragraph on Sports & Games Importance For Students

Sport is the passionate physical and mental activity of a man. The following Short and Long Paragraphs on Topic Sports are quite helpful for children & Students of Ukg, class 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9th & 10th Level Students.

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Sports and Games are physical exertion, while playing any game one runs, moves, jumps and makes forth and back movements which increases the flow of circulation of blood in body.

Sports and games Paragraph

The circulatory system of man get faster which help excrete waste material in the form of sweat from body.

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Both sports and games keeps man healthy and energetic. An athlete is always found physically and mentally fit and active.

Difference Between Sports & Games

The main difference between sports and games is that games are played both indoor and outdoor while sports is only an outdoor activity.

Advantages of Sports And Games

There are many advantages of sports and games, the most important advantage of both is physical fitness, sports and games keeps man physically and mentally fit and agile.

All types of games increases self resistance power and immunity, the immune system is rejuvenated by playing games.

An sport man always look smart and attractive, the extra fat of body is lost while playing games, one remain very healthy. It is said that for proper growth of body sports is very necessary.

The presence of man’s mind improves and IQ level increases by playing games. Sports help increase stamina of doing work.

One who plays football, cricket, basketball and such games which increase stamina of body, as these games require continuous running and movement, one hardly feel lazy, inactive and feel very little tired even if he works for hours.

One learn sense of team work and collective efforts to complete a task. Sports are a kind of change for body, when one play any game his stress and anxiety is relieved and one feel feels stress free. It help boost your interest and enthusiasm of doing work.

Apart from it sports and games help establish element of brotherhood and unity among participants, one learns to respect the opposite team players and create good relationships with them no matter who they are, what they do, what they believe?

Both unity and brotherhood is call of time, we should learn to respect one another. Sports teach us patience which is very useful in practical life.

Disadvantages of Sports And Games

There are very little disadvantages of sports and games. Most importantly if one who start playing any game without proper safety gears can become subject of serious injury or damage of body organ.

Sports requires excessive amount of energy, one who doesn’t eat a balanced diet or utilizes less nutritional foods loses all energy in the ground and get very tired and become unable to do any work.

Sports require proper rest of body and proper timely food otherwise it affects negatively. Much of the precious time is consumed while playing games.

It is very hard to cut some time from busy schedule of life. Specially students must give more time to their studies rather waste it by playing games.


Sports and games are very important part of life, one can’t expect healthy life without sports and games.

Games are vitally important for personal fitness, one who aspire to be physically and mentally fit and active must participate in sports.

On the whole life without sports is dull and boring because playing games in free is to give a change to mind, one can’t afford monotonous routine of life.

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