Paragraph On Spring Season In 100, 150 Words For Class 3, 5

Spring Season is great for outings, visiting parks, and getting fun. It is the favorite season of everyone but children become very happy when it arrives.

In this article children and students can get great Paragraph Writing ideas about the spring season. This note is written by one of our great writers Mrs. Sonia.

spring season paragraph

Spring Season Paragraph Writing For Students

Spring is the season between winter and summer. In spring, people like to leave their windows open. Spring has many different colors. The spring weather is warmer than that of winter but cooler than that of summer; So it is very important to be careful of what you are wearing. Spring brings green all around, which promises a healthy living environment. In the spring, the flowers bloomed and spread their scent everywhere, giving us a beautiful picture of Mother Nature.

Spring is also a very special time for those looking to get married or graduate from school. It means that you have started another chapter in your life. On the other hand, for those who cannot see the flowers bloom, cannot smell the scent of the flowers, or cannot feel the warm sunshine, it can be very depressing.

Refreshing weather and a colorful environment make people relaxed and happy. You can forget your stress with a peaceful mind. All of these things make spring such a pleasant time of year to live in.

Top Ten Lines About Spring Season

Spring is here again. The world becomes fresh and green. We can feel the warmth of the sun giving us the energy to work, study or go out with our friends.

This season we have the chance to start everything over. Spring is my favorite time of year because spring comes after a long cold winter when everything is white and icy. And it’s also the season of rejuvenation for me. During this season I can sing and dance with my friends to celebrate our great life without worrying about anything else. This is also a great season to summer vacation.

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On this beautiful sunny day, when you look out the window at the landscape, you can feel that a brand new world opens before you; it is a world of hope and promise.

However, the girl in the story has a feeling that no matter how warm the sun is or how bright the flowers are, her heart will always be cold because she cannot share these things with others.

Spring is here again. Everything seems new to us when spring comes after winter. We can feel the warmth of the sun, sing and dance with our friends to celebrate this great time. No matter how sunny it is outside or how beautiful the flowers are, I always feel cold because I can’t share these things with others.


April rain brings Mayflower blessings. My mother likes this saying very much. She says April showers mean spring is coming and the beautiful flowers will bloom in May.

This season is balanced. Everywhere one can feel the fragrance of flowers. People especially children wait for this season for getting fun and enjoyment. The great Holi festival contributes to making it more fun full and memorialized.