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Introduction: Summer is the hottest season of the year which begins after spring. The exact date of this season’s arrival depends on climate and places in Southern Hemisphere, there is hot weather even in December, January and February, however, in the northern hemisphere, there is a summer season in June, July, and August.

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Summers are warm because that part of Earth is directly under the sun and its rays are focused on that area. At this time, the days are longer and nights are shorter. The humidity becomes unbearable and it gets tough to go outside.

What happens In Summers

1. Positive Effects:

What happens in the summer season: More than adults, children wait for the summer season because of vacations. Schools are closed for two months because of too much warm climate conditions as a result of which children get to do whatever they want to do. They do not have to worry about getting up early for school or studying for tests.

During this season, there is also an increase in outdoor activities. People go on picnics with their families to beaches and spend quality time. They play many games, have fruit parties and enjoy sunsets.

Summer is also a season of leisure and festivals because all students have summer vacations. All important and fun festivals happen during this season. Moreover, Tourism is also at its peak during this season because everyone has plenty of time to travel and spend quality time.

The best part of summer is that it is a season of fruits and we get to eat all our favorite fruits, especially watermelon and mangoes. These fruits are not only tasteful in satisfying our taste buds but they are also enriched in vitamins to keep us healthy.

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When it comes to summer season dress-up costumes then the fashion game is also on point this season because we get to dress in light clothes and wear all the bright colors. Overall, for everyone, there is nothing more pleasurable than getting dressed up in light clothes, spending a lazy summer afternoon on a beach watching the sunset, and eating ice cream.

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2. Negative Effects:

Due to the terrible heat, the roads become empty in the daytime. Some people are often affected by sun-stroke and they get dehydrated from time to time.

In some areas, people suffer from water shortages and droughts because all the wells and rivers are dried up. People’s health gets at risk because warm wind runs the whole day with too much dust.

Things To Look For During The Season

Even though this season is fun for everyone but we should be very careful when this season is at its peak. The increase in temperature can lead to heat strokes and dehydration so we should always stay hydrated and avoid going out in day time. We should take extra care of birds and animals around us during this season. They suffer the most because of excessive thirst and inability to get water easily.

The best help we can do is to place some cereal grains and water in our corridors. We should plant more trees and plants in our areas because they absorb all the carbon dioxide and supply us fresh oxygen.


Summer is a wonderful season which gives us an opportunity to spend time with family or friends. We should enjoy this season but we should also help those people who strive for food and water during this hot weather. We should not waste water and electricity because clean water on this Earth is in very small percentage. Like other seasons, we should enjoy this season to its fullest.