Short And Long Paragraph on Tiger In English For students

Paragraph on Tiger: It is a tiger is a wild animal. It is a carnivore because it eats the flesh of other animals. It belongs to the class of mammals. It is a mammal as it gives birth to young ones, just like humans.

The Tiger Paragraph | Few Lines about Qualities of Our National Animal Tiger

The following paragraphs on the topic “Tiger” for children and students include the following main points on the tiger paragraph:

  • The Tiger is the national animal.
  • The Tiger fact and qualities.
  • Five lines about tigers.
  • Where are they found?
  • The importance of a tiger.
  • Steps to the Save Big Cat.

The Tiger is a terrestrial mammal of the Panthera, including big cats, lions, jaguars, snow leopards, and leopards. The Tiger is the largest of all the big cats present in the genus Panthera. The scientific name for the Tiger is Panthera tigris. Due to its royal appearance, it is known as the national animal of India.

The tiger paragraph

Tigers are very fiery, aggressive, and powerful animals. They have around 600 powerful muscles in their bodies. It possesses very strong limbs and can leap more than 30 feet in a single jump. They can run very fast. It is believed that a tiger can run at 85 km/h. It is about 13 feet long and weighs around 150 kg.

They are abundant in Asia, especially in India, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and Siberia. They are found in different colors, mostly light orange, with white, blue, and black stripes on their bodies.

A female tiger is called a tigress. The females of a tiger are a little shorter in height than the males. The claws of a tiger are very sharp and strong. They can easily kill a cow, duck, goat, rabbit, deer, zebra, or even a human because they are fond of raw meat.

A tiger is a predator. It attacks its prey very aggressively, tears the bodies of prey apart, and eats their meat. A lion is a kind of forest. If there is no lion in the jungle, a tiger is the God of the forest.

In strength, power, and agility, it is next to the lion, among all other wild animals. It is a very cruel and ruthless animal in nature. It usually sleeps during the daytime and hunts at night. The most distinct quality about tigers is that they tend to roam and hunt alone; they are solitary. The baby of a tiger is called a cub. Their babies are born blind.

The male Tiger rarely stays with cubs; only the female Tiger looks after the den where the cubs live. The females are responsible for looking after cubs; they feed them milk for around eight weeks. When cubs try to escape the den, their mothers teach them to hunt.

Tigers were found excessively in forests, but since people started hunting tigers, they have become extinct. Tigers are an endangered species in the forest. Some reports reveal that about half of the world’s tigers were present in India, but now they are found very little because they have been killed and hunted. The government of India had launched a campaign to save Big Cat.

Though it is a violent animal, it is also attractive, powerful, and strong. That’s why India declared the Tiger as the national animal of India because there were too many tigers in India as compared to other countries. Due to the high level of deforestation, the tigers lost their habitat and came out onto the roads and villages, where they were killed. To help protect the number of tigers in India, the Indian government started a “Project Tiger” campaign in 1973 to save tigers from extinction.

It is subject to extinction. It is necessary to save them; otherwise, they will be completely lost, and there will be no tigers on the Earth’s surface. All animals are part of the beauty of the environment. They should be protected and saved to reproduce and produce offspring to continue their existence on Earth. With the help of this Tiger Project campaign, more than 20 tiger habitations have been built throughout India, and natural habitat is being provided to tigers for their protection and safety.

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5 Short paragraphs Essay about Tiger

1. The Tiger Paragraph For Class 3

Tigers are mammals. They are also called “big cats.” It is a very beautiful and attractive animal in the forest. It is a dangerous animal because it is ruthless and can attack humans.

They are found in thick forests where there are more trees. Tigers are predators. They kill their prey mercilessly and tear the bodies of animals with the help of their strong upper jaws, which are full of canines and incisors. They have strong paws to hold their prey. The Tiger is the forest’s God and a powerful jungle animal.

2. Paragraph For Class 4

The Tiger is a large, powerful animal found in most tropical forests. It is a lonely animal that lives alone in the forest. It has very sharp claws and teeth for killing prey. The Tiger has a striped pattern on its fur. It has black spots on its face, chest, and back. Tigers are very strong animals. They can jump up to 5 feet and run up to 40 miles per hour. Tigers are good at hunting because they have strong teeth and claws. They can also climb trees to find food more easily. The Tiger is the second largest cat in the world. The Tiger’s main diet is small animals such as deer and monkeys. There are also other animals that the Tiger eats, such as birds, fish, and insects. Tiger cubs mainly eat baby mice and birds while they are young. As they age, they eat mostly small animals like monkeys and deer.

3. Tiger Paragraph For Class 5

The Tiger is a large cat in Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Tigers are usually solitary but sometimes live in groups called packs. These groups consist of 2 to 5 adult tigers and their offspring. There are two types of tigers: Bengal tigers and Siberian tigers. Bengal tigers are the largest tiger species. They can grow up to 7 feet long and weigh up to 300 pounds. A Bengal tiger’s fur is usually brown or black with stripes down the body. It has large round ears, whiskers, and a short snout. Bengal tigers are found in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, and Sri Lanka. Siberian tigers are the smallest tiger species.

They can grow up to 4 feet long and weigh up to 100 pounds. Like a Bengal tiger coat, a Siberian tiger coat is usually brown or black with stripes down the body. It has large round ears, whiskers, and a short snout. Siberian tigers are found in Russia, China, Korea, Japan, Mongolia, and North America.

4. Tiger Shroff Paragraph For Class 2

Tiger is an animal known as the king of the jungle. Tigers are powerful and fierce animals. Tigers have striped fur and a large, flat head. They can weigh up to 650 pounds and grow up to 6 feet tall. Tigers have thick, tough skin with sharp claws for protection. Tigers have large, round ears that help them hunt and hear distant sounds. Tigers have strong teeth for catching prey and powerful muscles for running. Tigers eat meat and will eat almost anything they can catch in the wild.

They love hunting animals like deer, wild boar, rabbits, and other tigers. Tigers are solitary animals and only come together to mate or raise their young. Tiger cubs stay with their mother until they are 3 or 4 years old, leaving her to live independently. Tiger populations are declining due to human activities such as de

5. Tiger Poaching Paragraph for class 8

Tiger is a large, powerful cat native to most of Asia. The Tiger is one of the most recognizable animals in the world and is often featured on logos and mascots. Tigers have stripes all over their bodies, which can be black or golden yellow. They use large, strong claws and teeth to catch and kill prey. Tigers also have strong, muscular tails that they use to balance themselves as they walk. Tigers are solitary and live in forests, meadows, swamps, or other areas with much cover. They hunt by stalking their prey and then pouncing on it from behind. A tiger’s habitat depends on where its food source is located. Tigers are usually nocturnal animals, sleeping in trees or under rocks or logs for most of the day.