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Tiger is a wild animal, it is a carnivore because it eats the flesh of other animals. It belongs to class mammalian, it is a mammal as it gives birth to young ones like we humans.

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Tiger is a terrestrial mammal, it purely belong to genus Panthera in which other species like big cats, lions, jaguars, snow leopard and leopards are also present.  Paragraph About tiger

Tiger is the largest of all big cats present in genus Panthera, the scientific name of tiger is panthera Tigris. Due to its royal appearance it is known as the national animal of India.

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Tiger is very fiery, aggressive and powerful animal, tigers have around 600 powerful muscles in their body. It possess very strong limbs, it can leap more than 30 feet in a single jump.

They can run very fast, it is believed that a tiger can run 85km/h. It is about 13 feet long and weighs around 150 kg.

They are found in abundance in Asia, specially in India, Bhutan, Bangladesh and in Siberia. They are found in different colors, mostly they are found in light orange color with white, blue and black stripes on their body.

The female of tiger is called tigress, the females of tiger are little shorter in height than males. The claws of a tiger are very sharp and strong, it can easily kill cow, buck, goat, rabbit,deer, zebra even human because they are fond of raw meat.

Tiger is a predator, it attacks on its prey very aggressively and tear the body of prey and eats their meat. Lion is the kind of forest, if there is no lion in the jungle than tiger is the God of forest.

In strength, power and agility it is next to lion among all other wild animals. It is very cruel and ruthless animal in nature. It usually sleep during day time and hunts at night.

The most distinct quality in tigers is that they tend to roam and hunt alone, they are solitary in nature. The baby of tiger is called a cub, their babies are born blind.

The male tiger hardly stay with cubs, only female tiger looks after the den where the cubs live. The females are responsible to look after cubs, she feed them milk for around eight weeks. When cubs try to come out of den, their mothers teach them to hunt.

Tigers were found excessively in forests but people started hunting tigers, they have become extinct these days. Tigers are an endangered specie of the forest.

Some reports reveals that about half of the number of tigers of the world were present in India but now they are found very little because they have been killed and hunted.

Though it is very violent animal but it is also very attractive, powerful and strong animal, that’s why India declared tiger as the national animal of India because they were too many in India as compared to other countries.

The best habitat of tiger is dense forests, due to mass level of deforestation, they lost their habitat and came out on roads and villages so they were killed.

To help protect the number of tiger in India, Indian government started a campaign known as project Tiger in 1973 to save tiger from being extinct.

It is subject to extinction, it is very necessary to save them otherwise they will be lost completely and there will be no tiger on the surface of the earth. All animals are the beauty of environment.

They should be protected and saved so that they reproduce and produce their offspring to continue their existence on earth.

With the help of this Tiger Project campaign, more than 20 tiger habitations have been built throughout India and natural habitat is being provided to tigers for their protection and safety.


Tigers are mammals, they are also called as big cats. It s very beautiful and attractive animal of the forest. It is very dangerous animal because it is ruthless in nature and can attack humans too.

They are found in thick forests where there are more trees. Tiger is a predator, it kills their prey very mercilessly and tear body of animals with the help of their strong upper Jaws which is full of canines and incisors.

They have strong paws to hold their prey. Tiger is the God of forest and is very powerful animal of the jungle.

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