Short And Long Paragraph On Traffic Jam

Below you can read short 150 words and long Paragraph about the topic traffic jam.

As the population is increasing day by day, we see traffic jam issue in countries like Bangladesh and India specially in Dhaka city. Here in this paragraph you can read traffic jam reasons and point to  solving traffic jam issue.

Short paragraph on traffic jam

Paragraph On Traffic Jam | Reasons & Solution

The term ‘traffic jam’ means vehicles that get stuck on the road. When there is increased transport congestion on road then the speed of vehicles slows down.

Vehicles start to line up as result of which the vehicles cannot move for several periods of time. This results in time delay and everyone gets late to carry out daily routine

Getting stranded in traffic jam causes a decrease in the rate of productivity in any field because it takes much of the time which could be utilized efficiently. Now, traffic jams are a part of daily occurrence.

Causes Of Traffic Jam

Life in city has become very complicated. Since all the people from rural areas have shifted to urban areas, the ratio of urban population is larger than rural population.

Therefore, the first problem we can find in big city is uncontrolled growth of population. This increased population ratio has also caused an increase in traffic problem.

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Another cause of traffic jam is increased number of cars on road. Now a days, people want their own personal car to get around with. With a greater number of cars, the chance of congestion also increases.

Thirdly, the roads of cities are narrow, uneven and not in good condition. They cannot withstand the pressure of traffic which results in traffic jam. Apart from that, accidents, weather conditions and road work also cause traffic jam.

Effects Of Traffic Jam

Traffic jam affects our daily life. The saddest part of traffic jam is that it also affects the speed of ambulances and emergency duty.

There are numerous occasions that can be prevented but due to heavy traffic jams, ambulances get stranded helplessly for hours resulting in loss of human life.

Another issue could be of fire prevention. Due to the traffic jams, the fire department force gets stuck on roads as a result of which the matter gets worse on other side and has disastrous effects.

Many people waste their precious time due to traffic jams. It causes time delay which leads to late arrival at business meetings, school or any other commitment.

Traffic jam not only wastes time but also wastes fuel. This results in increased air pollution which can cause many hazardous effects on human health.

Steps To Control Or Solving Traffic Jam Issues

We can reduce the risk of traffic jam by simply following these steps:

1. We must follow the road sign strictly.

2. We should always maintain the speed limit of our vehicle in order to avoid accidents.

3. Parking before the shops should be avoided.

4. The villages should be urbanized in order to discourage the migration of villagers to cities.

5. Take public transport in rush hours.

6. Roads should not be reserved for V.I.P’s. They should travel in big cities like rest of the citizens.

7. Traffic jam can also be reduced by improving the road infrastructure like separating lanes according to the kind of vehicle or limiting parking lot beside road.

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Traffic jam is an unfortunate reality of modern life which reflects an ugly mark on the beautiful face of city. It is a daily problem that we face while going to school and work.

Now, it is the responsibility of every citizen to follow the rules and regulations to reduce the risk of traffic jams.

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