Short Paragraph On Village Fair In 150 Words For Class 4

Village Fair Paragraph is written below for students’ guidance. The paragraph is written in easy simple English for kids.

Village Fair Paragraph Writing Example For Kids Students

A village fair is a public gathering of people at a specific time and place, usually associated with the practice of some form of entertainment or sport.

Village festivals are popular

in many parts of the world. The earliest recorded village festival is believed to be held on October 12, 1815, at Much Wenlock, Shropshire, England, to commemorate the signing of the Paris Peace Treaty, which ended Napoleon’s war with England and her allies. The most famous fair in Great Britain is the Bartholomew Fair in Smithfield, London. It dates back to 1154 and has been held regularly since 1568.

Today’s village fairs still retain many of the same features as in the middle ages. Most only run for a day in a single location and are usually associated with a religious festival, historical occasion, or local industry.

People come from all over to visit them, to buy and sell their wares. Agricultural product exhibitions, flower shows, etc. are often held, and various kinds of competitions are sometimes held to reward the best exhibits.

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The sideshows at trade fairs offer many people who cannot find work the opportunity to earn some money. They mostly consist of games of chance like throwing pennies, throwing balls at coconuts, etc. Many young men put their money in a savings bank to help them through college.

Many fairs are held for the sale of agricultural products. Some specialize in toys, dolls, kitchen utensils, or furniture. Amateur shows include sporting events and music concerts.


The village festival is an interesting part of our country’s history but is now seen more as an opportunity to linger than a serious business affair.