5 Paragraph On Water Conservation & Its Importance In Our Lives

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Water Conservation Paragraph & its Importance In Our Lives

Water Conservation Paragraph

Among the many blessings of the Creator of the universe that are essential for the maintenance of life, the colorless, odorless and tasteless mixture of “water” is an invaluable blessing, a very important component of human life. It would not be wrong to mention that water is life.

Of the millions of planets and stars discovered so far, our Earth is the only planet where life flows in full swing and this is one of the invaluable blessings here.

Everything on the earth and all life forms need water such as human, animals, trees, insects and other organisms for their survival. In short , water is very important for existence of life. About 70% of our land is water and only 30% is land. Almost the same is true of our body. Two thirds of our body is water.

According to the research of RO Plants Pakistan, a human body has 35 to 50 litters of water, men have 65 to 70 percent of total weight in water while women get 65 percent water, if you take only the brain, it is 85 percent water.

Our cells that fight disease travel in the blood, the blood itself is 83% water, the water in each of our body cells runs all the systems of the body, so the importance of water for a healthy environment and a peaceful life.

No one can deny, but the question arises as to whether we are appreciating this priceless blessing. We must use water in such a way that it is neither dirty nor wasted. It is our first duty to take steps for conservation of water, that is basic need of life.

The availability of clean drinking water in Pakistan has reached a critical stage, the country’s population has reached about 200 million while most citizens do not even have access to clean drinking water, according to a report by the Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources. Eighty-five percent of Pakistan’s urban population lacks access to safe drinking water, while 82 percent of rural population lacks access to safe drinking water.

Drinking water in 23 major cities of the country has been found to be contaminated with bacteria, arsenic, soil and waste. Contaminated drinking water is also the cause of incurable diseases like hepatitis and cancer. Rising world populations, rising meat consumption and increasing economic activity have put pressure on the world’s water resources.

Clean water is vital component of life, so, to secure the future we need water preservation. If we save every drop of water, then we can save livelihood and life on the whole world existing on earth. So we try our best to safe water.

We must not throw factory chemicals and all other materials into the water. Because it makes water polluted. There are many steps that are taken for the conservation of water. If people control how they use water at least while washing dishes and clothes or brushing their teeth , they can save huge amount of water.

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There are many kind of water saving technologies such as low-flow shower-heads and toilet and many others smart devices , which were invented specially for saving water.


Water is very essential and important for the survival of life because we use it in almost in our every activity.

Water is as important as oxygen for our existence. So we must take every step for conservation of water.

3 Short Paragraphs On Topic Water conservation

1# – 100 words For Class 5

Water conservation is an important aspect of disaster preparedness. When you lose access to clean water for a prolonged period of time, your health can quickly deteriorate. Take steps now to make sure you’re prepared for any emergency that could disrupt your water source.

You should have enough bottled water on hand to last at least three days, and be sure to keep it well-labeled so you know what it’s for. If you live in a region that gets regular flooding, you should also build an elevated area in your yard where you can store water if the floodwaters rise too high.

Finally, be sure to monitor local weather forecasts and stay informed about any potential disasters before they happen. By taking these simple steps today, you can ensure that you’re ready for any eventuality when the next disaster strikes.

2# – 200 Words For Class 8

Water conservation is one of the most important ways to reduce your footprint on the planet. You can save water not only by limiting how much you use, but also by taking steps like installing low-flow shower heads and faucets, using drought-resistant plants and avoiding wasting water.

One simple way to conserve water is to schedule a regular time for cleaning up, like after you finish with dishes or after using the bathroom. Another is to limit your outdoor watering; this will help keep your soil from becoming soggy and allow it time to dry out. Lastly, be sure to use a low-flush toilet; this type of toilet uses less water than a standard flush model.

Water conservation is essential for anyone looking to reduce their environmental impact, so take steps now to start saving!

3# – Water conservation and its Importance

Water is a precious resource, and all of us need to take care of it. Whether you’re a city dweller who doesn’t have a garden, or someone who has a garden but doesn’t water it, everyone needs to conserve water.

Water conservation can help you save money and protect the environment, but it also helps keep your family safe. When there’s not enough water for the people who need it, pipes can burst and result in flooding. It can also cause problems for animals, crops, and other plants. And when there’s too much water available, it can lead to severe flooding and even worse damage. So whatever your situation, conserving water is important.