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Paragraph On Water Pollution In English: Read selected analytical short and brief Paragraphs on pollution for Student.

Paragraph on Pollution,  Causes & Effects Of Water Pollution

Water pollution is the chemical or biological change in quality of water mainly due to the presence of waste and harmful particles in water.

Water pollution Paragraph

It is a very serious environmental issue and if this issue is neglected then we would suffer from severe diseases.

We drink water regularly and if we look at the water through microscope then we will see that it might look clean but it is contaminated with a lot of harmful particles.

Many families now have installed water purifiers at home but this is not the solution to this problem.

Unfortunately, we are the ones responsible for this pollution. But this needs to be stopped. This is our country and we are responsible for its safety and cleanliness.

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Causes Of Water Pollution

Water pollution occurs due to a number of reasons including:

1. Chemical pollution:

Water pollution occurs due to chemical pollution from industries and mines. People do not take cleanliness seriously and throw garbage.

A number of contaminants are released into ground due to construction work which eventually ends up in ground water.

2. Agricultural waste Pollution:

Another factors that leads to water pollution is agriculture waste that flows to water sources in heavy amount.

3. Oil pollution:

Oil spilled from ships, tankers and pipelines is responsible for polluting our seas and oceans. The oil flowing into water surface prevents the flow of oxygen as a result of which oxygen supply to aquatic animals is reduced.

4. Plastic Pollution:

Another main cause of water pollution is the waste of plastic bags and plastic bottles in water. They break down into tiny toxic particles which is harmful for marine animals. They eat these broken pieces of plastic and lose their life.

5. Pesticides Pollution:

The pesticides which we use to kill flies or animals have harmful toxins like mercury or lead. These chemicals eventually drain into rivers or lakes through sewage system and they are a threat to human life. According to a research, about ten million people in the world drink water daily which contains pesticides.

Effects Of Water Pollution

1. Effects On human life:

There are many dangerous effects of water pollution on human health. There are many diseases which spread through unclean water.

Children and pregnant women are especially at risk because once these harmful wastes are ingested through water these toxins can lead to some serious deformities in children.

2. Effects On environment:

Marine ecosystem is in danger due to water pollution. This problem can cause an entire ecosystem to collapse if left untreated.

10 Ways how to stop water Pollution

We can take care of some important things to prevent water pollution:

1. We should properly dispose chemical wastes so that they will not end in drain.

2. Do not throw litter in streets and properly dispose waste material into dustbins.

3. We should minimize the use of plastic in our society.

4. The solution to pollution is dilution.

5. We can reduce water pollution by using soluble products that do not go on to become pollutants.

6. We should properly check vehicles and make sure that there is no spilling of oil from ships and tankers.

7. We should use phosphate free soaps and detergents to reduce water pollution because too much phosphate can lead to health problems as it will pollute water.


Water plays a very important role in balancing our ecosystem. No human activity is possible without water and we need water for our survival.

We should work as a community to keep our rivers clean so that the animals, humans, plants and people who depend on it for their survival remain healthy. By doing this we will make this world a better place.

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