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Short paragraph on winter season

Short & Long Paragraph On Winter Season | My Favorite Season Winter Paragraph

Winter is the coldest season which comes after autumn. In this season the sun rises pretty late and does not last for long that is why days are shorter and nights are longer.

Peak time of this season is in December and January as snow falls heavily in these months. It is a season of mists, fog, heavy rainfall and snowfall.

There are only some days when we are lucky enough to see the face of sun, otherwise, it remains covered in dense fog.

In this season, birds migrate to other areas when winters are approaching and they only return in summers. On the other hand, there are some animals that go into hibernation where they stay inactive until summer season arrival.

Reasons To Like Winter Season

Winters give us excellent time to enjoy. All the schools announce holidays for students when the winter season is at its peak.

It is an excellent time for children to enjoy their holidays and get comfortable rest in blankets. We also get to enjoy long morning walks and fresh air.

After a hectic day, a sound sleep under the heavy blanket in a long winter night is surely enjoyable for everyone.

Winters bring us plenty of free time to enjoy with our family and friends. In some areas, sporting activities are especially designed to take advantage of this weather.

These activities include skating, skiing, ice racing, ice hockey, boating and creating ice sculptures. Children especially enjoy snow fights with their friends and everyone tries to make his own perfect snow man.

People arrange bonfire to sit and spend quality time with their family. They wear warm clothes to keep themselves warm.

Another best part of winters is that it is a season of our favorite vegetables and fruits including guava, oranges and pomegranate.

People enjoy with their families on a bright sunny day by sitting in their gardens and eating oranges. It gives them a time to bond and have a good conversation with their family.

Dry fruits are also the specialty of winter season. Also, soup are stews are a must have to keep our body warm.

So many festivals and cultural events also occur in this season like Diwali, Eid and Christmas. These festivals bring the holiday spirit in people. They gather around and enjoy these festivals with more enthusiasm.

Downsides Of Winter Season

Everyone waits for this season and it is admired by all people, however, there are also some downsides of this season.

Due to intense snowfall in certain areas weather becomes extremely dry and dull. People get unable to perform their duties of their daily life. They are confined to their houses.

Stray animals and poor people are most affected during this season. Poor people especially suffer. They do not have proper homes to cover them from the cold breezes. They also lack proper warm clothes to keep themselves warm.

Stray animals wander in harsh winter as they cannot bear cold. They are unable to find any proper shelter so they lose their lives.

Many health issues arise in this season like influenza and fever. Many children and adults suffer from it due to heavy cold.


Winter season is a holiday season appreciated by all people. It is the best season to go out on trips with friends and family.

But we should also make sure to help those people who do not have enough money to buy warm clothes. Overall, it is a beautiful gift of nature and we should enjoy this season to its fullest while taking care of our health as well.

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