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Analytical Paragraph Writing In English | Complete Guide For Students

What Is A Paragraph Writing?

Definition: A paragraph is combination of few sentences pointing to a single topic or idea. A writer can express his thoughts and ideas in a paragraph related to single topic. For changing the topic he would start a new para.

Explanation: While talking on different topic in our daily life we need firstly to introduce the topic this called “topic sentences” then we describe our topic in brief explanation with examples is called “Body sentences” and finally we need to give a solution is called “conclusion”. This is just a example but writing a short or long paragraph on a topic student must require to get basic and advance information to write a great paragraph.

Paragraph writing in English

Why Teachers Give Topics To Students For Writing Paragraph?

It generally observed that question paper contain a question about paragraph Writing. The basis of giving such motivations to build writing skills among students and children.

Paragraph Writing Ultimate Guide For Kids Students

Writings paragraph in different topics is a method of learning specially for child students. Students of class 5, 6 and class 8th are at the middle education stage they might require an adequate information about writing paragraph skills. Paragraph are not only written in English but a student should get knowledge to paragraph writing in English, Hindi and other languages because getting good marks in every subject will shine their grade or degree.

Paragraph Example | 100+ Topic

Basic Rules For Writing One

Child students need to know about basic four rules to write. They are as under,

Rule 01: Indent: A space before start writing a new paragraph is called indention. Remember that one paragraph contain only one indent.
For Example,

Education is a single and most important factor of development because the every principal of work is directly require knowledge to do it in a perfect way.

Rule 02: Using a capital word at starting of every new sentence:
Using capital word before starting every new sentence not only makes a beautiful structure of paragraph but it increase the readably toward readers.

Rule 03: Use a period (.) when you end a sentence:

A type of punctuation helps reader and writer to the actual purpose of conversation.

Rule 04: Never use point form:

Don’t use extra symbol in your paragraph like bullets numbers etc.

Paragraph Example

Four Types Of Paragraph Writing

A paragraph is a piece of writing that focus on a single topic. It is a basic Writing rule to understand the writer thought and ideas about a topic.

The length of Paragraph depends upon your level and study subject. However student should exercise to write short and long paragraph. The aim of exercise the paragraph Writing to develop Writing skills.

Kinds Of paragraphs

There are four types of Paragraph are given below.

1. Narrative Paragraph: This types of Paragraph are story based. For example when a student write about a event like celebrating festival, visiting a place or how you had celebrated a event like Birthday. Narrative paragraph is easy to write for kids students.

2. Descriptive Paragraph: this type of Paragraph are focused and gives detailed information about topic. The descriptive paragraph are usually written to complete higher level education assignment.

3. Expository Paragraph: this type of Paragraph explain the nut bolt’s of topic. And gives readers a deep Information to readers. The topic of this types paragraph can be chosen from history, science and technology.

4. Persuasive Paragraph: this type paragraph is aimed to write to convey others to be agree on your opinion or position.

Process of  Writing

The process of writing a paragraph is a very easy and unique. For Example you are preparing your mind to write one. Too many ideas comes in your mind about your topic but importance is to state your thoughts in a good manner to understand. The steps are always useful to write interesting paragraph. Definition, explanation and conclusion are the basic things to make a best structure of Paragraph.

Let’s know how to write one.

1. Topic sentence: The sentences to use to define your topic are topic sentence. Topic sentences are beginning of a paragraph should be maintained with formal words and exact to topic. Using short sentences is a good tricks to make title.

2. Body sentences: When you try to describe somethings in detail it called body of your conversation.

3. Conclusion Sentences: conclusion Sentences are ending of Paragraph. This part of Paragraph contain achievement of writer goal.

Tips For Writings A Best One

Preparation: prepare mentally your self to write one collect ideas in your mind about exact topic.

1. Introduction: your topic sentence should be attractive in order creat interest to read among readers. A topic sentence should be written about introduce or definition of topic.

2. Rules: Be careful of Paragraph Writing rules in order to get good marks.

3. Length Of paragraph: Don’t write too long paragraph on a single topic, discover multiple ideas, thoughts to explain main topic.

4. Quotes: must include quote in your paragraph about topic.

5. Revision: Review your written paragraph in order to check, spell, grammar, punctuation errors.

Q & A About Writing A Paragraph

1. What is Paragraph Writing example?

Ans: The best example of Paragraph Writing on any topic is divide your thoughts about your topic into three step.

1. Introduction sentences

2. Supporting sentences

3. Conclusion sentences

Example of short Paragraph On Cow: 

1. The cow is most useful animal of the world, poor people raise it for milk and livelihood purpose.

2. The female animal Cow found in many different colors. It eats grass and gives milk. Milk is uses for drinking and preparing tea, ghee, mukhan and lassi. All items prepared by its milk are very testy and rich food.

3. Cow the source of livelihood of many poor people, we must care cow because its milk make us healthy.

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