Short & Long Paragraphs On Doctor For Students

Paragraphs on doctor describes the Doctor is an important pillar & person of society. The Following short & long Paragraphs on topic Doctor, value, role & importance in our society, are written in simple, easy and understandable words for children & students. They are quite helpful for children & students of Primary & High School students.

Short Essay & Paragraphs On Doctor | Importance Of Doctor In Life

The person who treats ill and sick people is called a doctor. The one who knows how to dress, heal and cure wounds. He works in a hospital where patients are admitted for treatment.

Short paragraphs on doctor

A doctor performs very hard job, he wakes up early in the morning, goes to hospital where he works whole the day long in treating patients.

Sometimes he render his duty at night time, when there is any emergency he goes to hospital at night and cures patients.

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1. Types of Doctors

There are different types of doctors, some are physicians and some are surgeons. As human body is very complex and complicated, after getting MBBS degree they do specialization in different parts of body.

There are specialists for every part of body. After years of practice and study they get mastery in their respective fields and start their profession. The famous types of doctors are dentists, cardiologists, dermatologists, oncologists etc.

2. The Importance of a Doctor

The profession of a doctor is noble, a doctor who saves life of a sick person, it is the most sacred and noble act. Helping poor sick people is a type of worship.

A doctor’s job is great job. They are the lifesavers, they work for the betterment of humanity. They serve mankind.

They work day and night for the betterment of humans, if there were no doctors there had been many deaths due to diseases.

The demand for doctors is increasing, most of the parents dream to make their kids doctors. In the field of medical and surgery many advances are made which have helped doctors to treat dangerous diseases.

In today’s medically advanced world, damaged body organs are transplanted and changed.

Doctors are very proficient and energetic in their work. The medical field is very responsible field.

One who joins medical field or becomes a doctor he has to serve mankind. He is always vigilant and responsible, he works hard for the betterment of humanity.

A doctor is next to God because God gives life while a doctor saves life. Life is not smooth always, there are ups and downs in life, life is the gift of God.

A doctor is the respected person in a society. Whole society is indebted to the profession of doctor. The safety and treatment of a patient is the highest priority of a doctor.

A doctor who treats patients with smile and cheer and always motivates and encourage patients. He is a source of hope and strength to sick and poor patients.

When a doctor joins medical field he pledges with himself to work honestly and sincerely for alleviating the sufferings of patients. Charitable attitude, dedication and hard work are the key points of a doctor.

3. The Duty of a Doctor

A doctor keeps vast knowledge of his or her field. He keeps a medical staff under his supervision, he knows how to use technological devices to diagnose and treat patients.

As we are suffering from a serve pandemic attack, due to virus all economic activities are closed, there is indefinite lock-down in many countries.

People fear to go out and meet with anyone but salute to doctors who daily ho to hospitals to treat the patients, they also treat victims of virus which has taken lives of thousands people throughout the world.

Their duty is very risky, they play game of life. They take risk of their own life to save lives of others. Even if there is war or any pandemic attack, always doctors are on the front line to save the lives of innocent people.

Many epidemic diseases are spreading like a wild fire due to pollution, rest of the human are creating diseases but doctors are fighting against diseases.

As pleasures and sorrows, health and diseases are inherent in everyone’s life cycle. Doctors are always there to mitigate the sufferings of people.

All those who are inflicted by diseases they rush to doctors for remedy and treatment.

4. Doctor Patients Relationship

The doctor – patient relationship is frank, straightforward and respectful. A doctor must be unbiased, honest and free from racism, discrimination and greed.

He should not discriminate his patients on the grounds of caste, creed or religion. He should treat and behave with all patients equally and fairly.

Being a doctor, in this profession a doctor must not have greed or wolfish rapacity of earning only. Greed is curse, it is the root cause of many social evils.

A greedy doctor can destroy lives of thousands of patients. A good doctor is a lifeline to diseased and unhealthy people, they woke hard to save precious lives.

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5. Conclusion

Doctors are the lifesavers, they perform their duty to save lives of people. Doctors keep assistants to carry our treatments and surgeries they are called nurses and interns.

Word doctor is next to word God on the lips of a patient who fights with any deadly disease.

Though life and death and in the hands of God but doctors never lose hope in God in saving life of a sick man.

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