Short And Long Paragraphs On Flood | For Students

The flood is the accumulation of large body of water around areas, causing a lot destruction etc. The following Paragraphs on Topic Flood, causes & Impacts are very helpful for children & Students.

Paragraph on Flood | Types, Causes, Impacts & Solution; How to Prevent Flood

Accumulation of water over a dry area due to rain or from any water body which cause lot of destruction and damage is called flood.

Floods cause loss of life and property. Mostly floods are caused naturally, rarely this disaster is man made.

short paragraphs on flood

When water breaks embankments of water bodies and rush to plain areas it is called flooding.

How can we reduce risk of loss of life and property and how can we prevent floods?

As man is helpless and feeble enough to help face this natural calamity, we can prevent floods by constructing dams and water reserves.

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It will help save hundreds of lives and will help save people from being homeless. Apart from it Plantation is very necessary to minimize the damages caused by floods.

Trees are very useful in flood-prone areas to prevent mass level of damage caused by floods. There should be flood warning to reduce the damages.

We can prevent floods by widening banks of rivers, planting trees and by improving drainage system.

Construction of new dams near water bodies is also beneficial to prevent floods. There should be canals on each river bank to divert the flow of rain water into canals so that big loss is not caused.

Causes of Flood

During monsoon when it rains heavily in flood-prone areas, rain water reaches rivers and lakes, when water beyond the capacity of rivers start flowing into rivers then embankments are broken, water overflows water bodies and inundate plain land.

Floods are mainly caused by improper drainage system, heavy downpour and global warming.

Due to climate change and global warming the frozen ice snow on mountains is melting heavily, melting of glaciers is also a cause of flooding.

Impacts of Flood

Floods are always destructive in nature, thousands of people become homeless due to big floods. Normal routine life of people become miserable, many houses are submerged in water.

It not only harm houses and property but it badly affect agriculture. When agricultural land is flooded with water, the crops are entirely damaged which affect the economy of the state.

Floods badly affect economy and development of a country, sometimes it takes years to replace the physical damages and to stabilize the destabilized economy of nation.

Due to floods too much loss of livestock is also recorded. Many animals lose their habitat and die due to floods.

The infrastructure of the country is also damaged, the roads and bridges are broken, transportation is affected and communication links are also disrupted by floods which make life miserable.

In urban areas specially low lying towns and areas are flooded by slight showers of rain, water accumulate in streets, it is also called flooding. It disturbs routinely life of people in urban areas.

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Not only humans but animals too are vulnerable to these natural disasters and natural forces.

When there is flood in any area, due to stagnant water over plains and dry land many water borne diseases are also caused which kill many humans and animals.

Floods affect socially, economically and environmentally. Above all big loss of life and property destabilize the economy of a nation.

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