Paragraphs on Independence Day India 2020 | Independence Day Paragraphs, quotes, struggles, images 2020

Paragraphs On Independence Day of India 2021

Independence is the sweetest fruit of a nation. India is a nation which got its independence after long struggles, sacrifices and efforts.

Read below short and long Paragraph on Indian independent day.

Independence Day Of India Paragraphs, quotes, Struggles, images 2021

India is the nation of prideful people. The independence struggles is the real testimony to that fact.

The following Paragraphs on independence day 2020 cover the following main points;

  • What is independence
  • Value of independence
  • History of subcontinent
  • Independence day of India
  • Struggles of leaders

Before independence India was under the yoke of British, the leaders and common people of India stood united against the British and compelled them to leave their motherland.

India is one of the largest democracies in world today. 15th August is the memorable day in the history of India because it is the very day on which India appeared as an independent state on the globe of the world. independence day of india Paragraph

The history of independence of India is full of sacrifices and struggles which were paid by people to get their freedom. As Indian were under the dominance of British for more than two hundred years, British oppressed Indians and treated them badly.

They didn’t give due rights to Indians and treated Indians like slaves.

The long days of captivity ended and Indians started raising their voice in the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi, JawaharLal Nehru, Bhagat Singh and many others leaders who led Indians to get their freedom.

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The ultimate aim and purpose of all Indian leaders was to drive out British who ruled over them unfairly and free their sacred land from their unjust power.

In the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi Indians got power and became united against British and worked every waking moment to get independence.

Gandhi started independence movement, civil disobedience, non-violence movement and different campaigns to undo the power of British, he weakened them.

Subcontinent was a long territory, there lived millions of Hindus and Muslims in subcontinent. Muslims were also fighting for their independence, Muslims too demanded and separate nation.

The whole subcontinent was divided into two parts, in the result of  the partition of subcontinent two nations came into being.

On 14th August Muslims got their separate state and on the following day on 15th August Hindus got their independent state.

At last the long awaited dream of Indians came true and they got independence on 15th August 1947.

After independence, the first prime Minister of India JawaharLal Nehru raised the Indian National flag above the lahori gate of the Red Fort in Delhi.

In India 15th August is celebrated as the independence day, this days reminds them of their sacrifices they paid to get freedom from British.

This day reminds every citizen of India that the freedom which they are enjoying is hard earned.

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On this day the element of patriotism rises in the hearts of Indians, they pay tribute to their leaders who gifted them with independence.

The 15th August is the national holiday of India. On this day in all schools, colleges, universities, offices and societies of India different events are organized to celebrate this day.

The prime Minister on the nation host the national flag, the hosting of national flag is honored with 21 gunshots and army parade.


Independence day is marked with flag raising ceremonies and singing of national anthem throughout India.

This day reminds Indians that the independence which is attained after lots of sacrifices and struggles must be maintained with hard work.

All Indians pledge on this day to sacrifice everything for the progress and prosperity of their nation.

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