Paragraph On Teacher | My Best Teacher Paragraphs For Students

The teacher is the most respected person of a society. The following Short & Long Paragraphs on my teacher discuss the role & importance of a teacher in our society. These short paragraphs are quite helpful for students and children

Short And Long Paragraphs on Teacher | My Favorite Teacher Paragraph

A teacher is he who teaches in a school to students and makes them good citizens. The one who elevate the standard of a normal individual and help make them good human beings.

Short Paragraph on teacher


Teachers are the real architects of the nation. They are highly esteemed entities of a society. The one who teaches the art of pen, pen is indeed mightier than sword, the one who teaches the use of pen over that of sword is a teacher.

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Teaching is very noble profession, one who is engaged in teaching is indeed a noble man in the society.

Qualities of a Good Teacher

A teacher is known by hard work, commitment, sincerity and dedication. A good teacher is always sincere to his profession, he never let his students lose their position, he works hard for the better future of his students.

A good teacher always prepares in advance to teach his or her students. In order to ensure maximum productivity and good results they plan their lessons and teach their students in such a way that they get the very essence of their class.

As in a school, college or university different subjects are taught, for each subject there is a specialized, well trained teacher who posses too much knowledge about his subject.

A good teacher is he who has vast knowledge about everything, simply a jack of all trades, if he is asked to teach any subject he never hesitate to take class.

A good teacher is who is always in quest of more and more knowledge, one he never stops learning and continues to gather information about different subjects.

One who encourages the query of students is a good teacher, one who feel happy to answer the questions of students and try to the utmost to give proper answers to the questions.

A good teacher is always friendly, polite and humble to his students, the friendly nature of a teacher help students to learn the subject in a better manner.

A teacher always ensure effective learning of his or her students and always provide good environment of learning to students.

A good teacher not only focuses on the academic performance of students but the overall development of a student.

A good teacher ever tries to inculcate moral values, good manners and ethics in students.
A good teacher shapes the character of a student and works hard to brighten the future of students.

Importance of a Teacher

A teacher is next to parents, he holds the position of a father and mother in the life of a student. Parents only give birth to a child, a child comes in this world unaware and unknown, a teacher gives meaning to the life of a child.

A teacher takes child from earth to sky, he enables a child to stand on his or her feet. If there had not been teachers there would have not been any doctor, engineer, scientists etc.

A teacher is not a king but a teacher can make a king. Even a king is the product of the hard work of a teacher. A teacher inspires his students to learn more and to be more.

A teacher is the best guide of a student, a teacher can be the best friend, can be a good leader and a great motivational entity in one’s life.

It is rightly said that we can’t expect such a beautiful and peaceful world without a teacher. A teacher is the basic pillar of a society.

It is teacher who makes us a complete human being, we had been like animals of there were no teachers.


A good teacher is next to God because it is he who enrich our mind with precious knowledge, which is the powerful weapon of the world.

The knowledge is power, this power is gifted us by a teacher, so one should more respectful to his teacher.

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