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Short And Long Paragraphs On Television For Students

The Television is an important part of our daily lives. The following Short & Long Paragraphs on Television (TV) cover value, importance, advantages and disadvantages of TV in our life.

Paragraph about television


These paragraphs are in simple words, in points with quotes & images. They are quite helpful for children & students from KG, Primary & High School Level Students.

Brief Paragraphs On Television | Importance, Advantages & Disadvantages Of TV

Television is an electronic device. It is found all around the world. It is one of the most used wonders of science, almost it is watched in every house.

People entertain their free time watching television, it is not only a source of entertainment but also keep an individual globally updated.

There are many informative channels and programs which bestow us knowledge and information.

Importance of Television

Since it’s invention from 1927, TV has played an important role in our life. When someone is alone at home, it is our best companion, it entertain and enrich us.

It help in spiritual nourishment of an individual because religious programs broaden our mental horizon and enable us to differentiate between right and wrong.

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Television is rich source of information. In beginning television was called an idiot box because it didn’t contain any informative program or channel.

It was used only for the sake of entertainment and spending free time but now there are many news channels and informative channels which create awareness.

Advantages of Television

1. It is a cheap mode of entertainment, this entertaining device is affordable, even poor can own it and can get entertained by watching different programs, movies, songs and sports.

2. Television keep us up-to-date, there are many news channels which broadcasts news, one get updated by watching happenings all around the world.

3. There are many educational programs and channels which benefit students, knowledge about science and different subjects help students in learning.

4. Television help to widen the exposure of an individual, we learn to develop our skills and get motivated to do our best in our respective fields. The speeches and character of legends inspire us to do more and to be more.

5. Television help us know about national and international events of whole world. Many informative programs are on aired about different cultures, traditions and religions of world which increase our knowledge and interest of celebrating events.

6. Live sports matches are watched through television, one get highly excited and entertained by watching live programs and matches.

7. Television is good source of creating understanding and closeness among family members.

8. There are some religious channels which broadcast informative programs regarding religious teachings, by watching those channels one can adopt religious teachings and can lead a peaceful life.

Disadvantages of Television

1. Television has left negative impacts on our new generation. It is corrupting the mind of youth, television promotes inappropriate content which has given birth to many social evils, youth is inclined to act what is being promoted through television.

2. Television is very harmful to our health, watching it for hours affect our eyesight. People don’t sleep properly.

Those who watch television till late hours of night their health is destroyed because proper rest is very necessary for good health.

The sleep cycle of viewers is badly affected due to television which harm one’s health.

3. Students waste their precious time watching movies and listening songs, instead of studying they watch television and funny programs and dramas which affect their academic career.

4. Television breaks social interaction, addiction of this device destroy social life of an individual.

People get too much addicted, they hardly give time to their lived ones. Many people keep watching television all alone.

Even they ignore their family members while watching any program, it weaken social relationships.

5. Sometimes television disrupt the peace of society and nation, fake information is circulated through news channels, citizens are misinformed, government propagate its propaganda which is always opposite to masses.

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This wonderful invention of John Bayard is widely used for entertainment, information and knowledge. It is modified into LED and LCD.

It educates and entertains us. It play a key role in our personal professional and public life. The most effective and cheap mode of current affairs.

Simply it inform, educate, influence and entertain. It increases creative skills and strengthen family bonds.

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