Paragraphs on Unemployment | Causes & Impacts For Students

Unemployment is the gravest issues of today’s times. Read short and long paragraphs on topic Unemployment, causes, impacts and ways how to reduce unemployment. These paragraphs are quite helpful for UKg Kids, primary and high school level students.

Short & Long Paragraphs On Unemployment 

Unemployment is simply defined as the lack do jobs. It is also known as the state of man when he is unable to cash his or her talent in any sector and work to excel in life.

Short paragraph on unemployment

When an individual is subjected to suffer despite having good qualification and experience. Unemployment is the most burning issue of whole world, there is hardly any country where youth is spared to suffer.

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Unemployment is increasing day by day, it has become a pandemic virus throughout the globe, it has become a very deadly virus because it create panic and sense of insecurity among people.

Problems causes by unemployment

Unemployment is the root cause of many social evils and crimes. Due to unemployment many die of starvation and hunger, those who doesn’t get any work they tend to get their food by hook or by crook.

They forget the values of society and violate law to fill their stomach and the stomach of their loved ones. Sin, dishonesty and all types of vices are output of unemployment.

It breeds the sense of insecurity among people who wage war against those who are well to do, insecure people try to loot and rob the secured people which cam make this world a hell.

It will become very difficult to survive if this problem continues to exist. An unemployed individual easily kicks the rights of a citizen and pays very little attention to his duties.

It is rightly said that a country with high rate or unemployment is bound to face the music in terms of violence, lawlessness, terrorism, chaos and restlessness.

Causes and solutions of unemployment

The main cause of unemployment is flawed education system, a country where students are not given quality education they can’t help excel in life.

Quality education help an individual to go abroad and find work of his choice and earn his livelihood but unfortunately many developing countries are lacking at quality education system.

Secondly there is very little industrialization in developing countries, where there is unemployment there industrialization must be expanded so that job opportunities are created for the youth.

Over-urbanization is also a cause of unemployment, every year thousands of villagers, and people living in small towns migrate to big cities to seek work opportunities in urban and to educate their children in good schools, it has worsened the situation.

It is high time to help accommodate people in big cities to avoid lack of job opportunities. Unemployment is majorly caused by machinery, many electronic devices have reduced manual work, the works which were conducted in days are completed in minutes and hours thus Labour class is immensely affected.

There is very little manual work, much of the works are done by using machines and devices.

The biggest cause of unemployment is over population, the increasing population is the fuel of unemployment.

More population means more problems and more unemployment, so it is very necessary to control population of the world.

If population is not controlled the problem will get more severe, the resources of earth will also exhaust and there will be hunger game society.

Last but not the least, the political instability is also the cause of unemployment, a country where governments system changes rapidly there it become difficult for foreign investors and local investors to provide work opportunities to people.

Thus the lives of many become insecure. It is high time to stop quick succession or government so that investors invest in the country and jobless people get job and work.


Unemployment is very deadly spreading virus, overpopulation is the root cause of unemployment.

This problem can be only solved by developing the economy of the country, a well set nation can help provide job facilities to jobless people.

An unemployed individual is a good big threat to whole humanity because he will use wrong channels to fill his stomach. It is high time to control the increasing rate of unemployment to create peace and order in world.

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