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Short & Long Paragraphs on Work is Worship For Students

Since time immemorial it is celebrated truth that work is worship. Work is known as an action to achieve a desired result.

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Work is Worship Paragraph | Meaning, Value & Importance of Hard Work

All types of tasks whether small or big require work to be completed, one can’t complete any task until and unless physical Labour is not done.

The phrase work is worship symbolizes that if one intends to do any work he or she must perform work as if he or she is performing worship. The work is akin to worship.

Short paragraph on work is Worship

Work is indeed worship because by performing work one can fulfill his or her needs. The phrase teaches us that one must perform work in the same way as we perform worship, we should work with devotion and sincerity.

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Work is equivalent to worship, worship doesn’t avail if one doesn’t work with sincerity. Only work help sustain our desires and wishes and to fulfill wishes of our loved ones.

The Importance Hard Work

There is a celebrated instance that “As you sow so shall you reap”, it means that man gets what he sows.

One harvests the what he sows, if one performs works sincerely he gets a productive result. Worship is only a religious ritual but work is a demand of our body and life line to help sustain a good, healthy and comfortable living.

One who performs works doesn’t need to perform religious rituals because religious rituals are merely for heart solace.

It is rightly said that there is no work better than dispensing ones duty with devotion and dedication.

It is mostly believed and proved through religious Holy books that the work is the greatest form of worship. Our worship is of no use if we perform it ignoring our duty.

Only worship doesn’t avail of one sits idle and doesn’t do any work with dedication. If we just take a example of a doctor, if he works with dedication he brings smile of hundreds of sick faces in a day.

Is it less than a worship to bring smile on the face of a sick one. Can any type of worship equate with such noble deeds?

The life is absurd and futile, one can give meaning to life if he works. Life become absurd without work.

One who doesn’t work his life become worthless, dull and meaningless. Man is known by his works not by his worship.

Hard work is the tool to success, hard work earns a great reward in life. Work is the beauty of life, life become pleasant and peaceful of one works honestly.

One feel happy and content who works, it means that the progress, happiness and success lies in work. Work is salvation to life. One who doesn’t work become a parasite and leads dependent life.

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It is rightly saying that “ God helps those who help themselves”, one can help himself or herself by working.

Work is the prime objective of life. No work is demeaning or low, all works are great works even if it is small one.

Even if we ourselves don’t get any benefit of work, if it benefits another human on earth, it is worth doing, it deserves applause. We are humans, helping others is the first and foremost duty of ours.

We need to help others if possible, that’s why work is called divine. It is rightly said that “ An idle man’s brain is the devil’s workshop”.

Man must work to stay away from devil deeds. An unoccupied mind is devil’s home, but an occupied mind is the door way to success and prosperity.

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