Short Poem on Achievement With Explained Verses

A poem that celebrates the journey to achievement. The poem encourages the reader to set goals with determination, push through obstacles, and find strength and grace in the journey. It also emphasizes the importance of celebrating victories and learning from failures.

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Stanza: 1

A goal set with determination, a plan with care,
A step towards success, with every breath you dare.
For every obstacle, you push through with might,
You’ll reach new heights, and bask in the light.


The first stanza emphasizes the importance of setting goals with determination and planning. The stanza encourages the reader to take steps towards success, pushing through obstacles with determination.

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Stanza: 2

The road may be long, and the journey tough,
But the prize at the end, is worth every puff.
For every stumble, you’ll rise with grace,
And find strength in the journey, with a smiling face.

A short Poem About achievement


The second stanza acknowledges that the journey to achievement can be difficult. However, the stanza stresses that the reward at the end of the journey is worth the effort. The stanza encourages the reader to find strength and grace in the journey, even when faced with obstacles.

Stanza: 3

So celebrate each win, big or small,
For they are but milestones, that will stand tall.
And let not failures, bring you to your knees,
For they are but lessons, that will set you free.


The third stanza emphasizes the importance of celebrating each victory, no matter how big or small. The stanza also stresses that failures should not be seen as defeat, but rather as lessons that will help the reader grow and improve.

FAQ: On Achievement Poem

What is the poem about?

The poem is about the journey to achievement, celebrating victories, and overcoming obstacles.

What is the purpose of the poem?

The purpose of the poem is to encourage the reader to strive for their goals, find strength in the journey, and celebrate their successes.

What are the key elements of the poem?

The key elements of the poem are determination, the journey to achievement, overcoming obstacles, celebrating victories, and learning from failures. The poem stresses the importance of perseverance, grace, and resilience in the pursuit of success.