Read A Short Poem On Fog with Explanation

Explore the peaceful and calm world of fog through this short 4 stanza poem. Experience the magic that hides in the misty air and let the fog be a gentle guide.

Read A Short 4 stanza Poem About  Fog

The misty air, the world so dim,
A silent veil that covers all,
The fog surrounds, a thickest rim,
That makes the earth a misty ball.

Each step ahead is like a quest,
The road is lost, the vision too,
The world is still, the day at rest,
The skies are grey, the colors blue.

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Yet in the fog, a magic hides,

/>A peace that calms the soul within,
The world is still, the heart resides,
And all the worries seem to thin.

So let the fog wrap round you tight,
And let it be a gentle guide,
A peaceful world awaits your sight,
A world of calmness, peace and light.


Stanza 1: This stanza talks about the world being covered in fog, making everything seem dim and quiet.

Stanza 2: The next stanza mentions how moving ahead in the fog feels like a quest, with the road and vision being lost.

Stanza 3: The third stanza highlights that even though the world seems still and the skies grey, there is a peaceful feeling hidden in the fog.

Stanza 4: In the final stanza, the poem invites the reader to let the fog wrap around them, and let it guide them to a peaceful world.

FAQs: About Fog Poem

What does the fog symbolize in the poem?

The fog symbolizes peace, calmness, and quietness.

Is the fog in the poem a positive or negative symbol?

The fog in the poem is a positive symbol.

Why does the author use the word “quest” in the second stanza?

The author uses the word “quest” to describe the feeling of moving ahead in the fog, where the road and vision are lost. It’s a journey through the fog to find peace and calmness.