Is Abortion Is A Good Thing? Pros Cons Of Abortion

Abortion remains controversial. While women control their bodies, abortion raises moral questions. There are good arguments on both sides. Here are some common pros and cons of abortion rights:

Abortion Argumentative Essay

Pros of legal abortion Essay

Abortion gives women a choice. Legal abortion gives women the option to end an unwanted pregnancy. This right to control one’s body is a fundamental human right that should not be limited.

Abortion allows for exceptions in complex cases. In cases of rape, incest, or risk to the mother, legal abortion provides a needed option. Without it, women in dire situations would face more challenges.

Cons of legal abortion:

Abortion ends a potential life. Some argue that from conception, a fetus is a living being with the potential to become a person. Abortion ends a human life, so it is morally wrong.

Abortion has health risks. While usually safe, there are risks and complications. This leads some to argue abortion should not be an option for healthy pregnancies.

The moral issue is complex, with good arguments on both sides. Many support reducing abortions through sex education, birth control access, and support for parents. Policies must balance compassion, health, and moral views. The goal should be finding common ground that promotes well-being and empathy.

Medical abortion or the abortion pill ends early pregnancy without surgery. It involves two drugs – mifepristone and misoprostol. It has pros and cons to consider:

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Pros of medical abortion:

• It provides privacy. It can be done at home with no clinic visits or surgery.
• It provides convenience. No scheduling of a clinical procedure. Patients can take the pills when they want.
• It costs less. Usually cheaper than surgery, so more accessible for some.
• Side effects are milder. Though side effects like bleeding, cramps and nausea occur, they tend to be less severe and shorter than with surgical abortion.

Cons of medical abortion:

• Less timing control. Patients must wait 48 hours between pills, so they have less control over when precisely the abortion will happen.
• Heavier bleeding and cramps. Many experience worse bleeding and cramps than with surgical abortion. Pain relief is needed.
• Incomplete abortion possible. In 2-8% of cases, the abortion is incomplete, and a follow-up procedure is required.
• Unknown long-term risks. The method is new, so long-term effects are still being studied. Some wagers may still be unknown.


In summary, medical abortion offers a non-surgical alternative for early pregnancy. But like any procedure, patients should weigh the pros and cons, ask questions, and choose what suits their needs.

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