Road Accidents Paragraph In 100 To 500 Words For Class 6

Here is a brief paragraph about road accidents, it’s causes, reasons for all class students.

In addition also know ten points to avoid traffic accident in future.

Paragraph On Road Accidents | Reasons Of Increasing Traffic Incidents

What is a road accident?- A road or traffic accident is a fatal or non-fatal accident that occurs on a highway or motorway due to the behavior of one or more drivers, pedestrians, animals, or other factors. The drivers involved in an accident can be private drivers as well as operators of public transport (bus, taxi, etc.). A traffic accident can only be property damage to a vehicle or other damage to a pedestrian. In some cases, this can also lead to the death of those involved as well as those nearby. The resulting injuries from traffic accidents cause disabilities to varying degrees that can last a lifetime. It is observed that, road accidents are increasing in big cities every next day


According to a survey, the number of road deaths has been increasing worldwide since the 1960s. In 2011, a total of 1.24 million people lost their lives on the world’s roads, an increase of 31% since 2000.

Why does it occur?- The main cause of road accidents is human error. In the Philippines, it is estimated that more than 70% of this is due to human factors. The most common of these mistakes include speeding, drinking and driving, unsafe vehicle overtaking, changing lanes without warning, and speeding, especially when overtaking. Other reasons are inadequate or poor road and vehicle conditions, bad weather and careless pedestrians.

How to avoid an accident?

Following precautions one must obey for rout safety.

1. Obey traffic rules and regulations; Put on the seat belts and keep a safe distance from the front and side vehicles of your own car.

2. Watch out for possible distractions such as loud cell phone calls or text messages while driving as these c

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3. Stick to the speed limit and be patient if you get stuck in traffic.

4. Do not drink or use illegal drugs (such as marijuana) before driving; Avoid distractions while driving, such as loud cell phone calls or text messages.

5. Watch out for pedestrians who may suddenly cross at night without warning. If necessary, warn drivers with your flashlight or headlight.

6. Do not suddenly overtake the vehicle in front of you; not tailgate.

7. Always slow down when approaching a corner that has poor visibility and slippery roads due to rain, fog, or smog weather conditions.

8. Give ambulances, fire engines, and other emergency vehicles right of way when they sound sirens.

9. Be patient at level crossings; wait for the train to pass before walking or driving across the street.

10. Stop at crosswalks; Do not try to cross even if you see a green light as the traffic can be very heavy, making it difficult for motorists to stop at the pedestrian crossing.


Traffic accidents are a leading cause of death and disability that can last for a lifetime. These occur for a variety of reasons, such as: human error through negligence or disregard of traffic rules. In order to avoid an accident, drivers should always observe the traffic rules and regulations, especially in the case of the errors mentioned that occur while driving.