Save Environment Essay In 100 & 200 Words For Class 3 Students

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Long & Short Excellent Essay On Save Environment For Students

The environment is the fundamental thing we need for our survival today. if there was no environment we could not survive and we would all perish. Therefore it is very important to protect the environment and to keep it clean so that we can continue to live on this planet. We should start doing this as soon as possible because the world’s resources are dwindling and we will soon run out of energy and water.


The only way to save the environment is to first recycle everything that can be recycled. Also, use paper plates instead of plastic plates as they are biodegradable. Another thing the government should do is plant more trees because trees provide oxygen that people need to breathe. Using filters on taps and showers instead of keeping the water running all the time saves a lot of water. Going paperless is another. So send emails or use pen and paper instead of printing everything out.

The government should also put in place certain rules to prevent factories from polluting the environment too much by dumping chemicals into rivers. In addition, the government should try to introduce certain rules so that people don’t drive too much. This will help reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that enter the earth’s atmosphere.

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Another thing that could be done is tax things like plastic bags and disposable water bottles because they’re bad for the environment and if you get people to pay pennies for them they won’t use as many and hopefully stop using them all together. In this way we can protect the environment and keep it clean so that we can continue to live on this planet..

We could also plant certain fruit bearing trees in our gardens to prevent animal extinction; because if there were no trees there would be no food for the animals and they would die. So if we start planting trees now, some animals can be prevented from becoming extinct. In addition, certain government regulations should require less packaging for products so that there is less waste, which helps keep the environment clean.


The only way to save the earth’s environment is to recycle things that can be recycled, use paper plates, use filters on faucets and showers, email instead of printing, rules for factories, taxes on plastic bags and disposable water bottles that fruit planting trees carry in yards to prevent animal extinction, no government mandated packaging for products. If we all do this, the environment will be saved and, hopefully, will remain clean so that we can continue to live on this planet.