Save Trees Paragraphs | Trees & Importance Paragraphs for Children & Students

Short & Long Save Trees Paragraphs For Students

Save Trees Paragraph In English: Trees are an important natural asset.  The provide a genuine value & importance to life. The following best written paragraphs on save trees and its importance are quite helpful for children & students.

In all the paragraphs on save trees include the following main points;

  • The value of trees
  • The importance of trees.
  • The uses of trees.
  • Effects of deforestation
  • Ways to save trees.

Paragraphs on Save Trees & their Importance for Life For Students

Trees are the beauty of nature,they are the factories of pure oxygen. Trees not only give us oxygen to breathe but purify the air present in environment. Trees are very precious part of life. Paragraphs on trees

One can not imagine life without trees because Our ecosystem is based on trees, if we will cut down trees our whole ecosystem will be destroyed.

Nowadays the world is facing many challenging climate issues like global warming and depletion of ozone layer, they issues can be controlled by saving and planting new trees.

Value & Importance of Trees

As we know that the sign of a healthy environment is the presence of trees. The greenery of trees doesn’t only provide pleasant view to our eyes but these green leaves are our life.

They provide us food, shelter and oxygen to breathe. Apart from it they are the sink of harmful gas carbon dioxide.

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The wood of trees is used to make different types of furniture which is used to decorate our houses.

The clothes we wear come form trees, the rubber we use is also produced form trees and many medicines are manufactured from different herbs and trees.

Simply we can say that trees are the lungs of earth. They earth can’t help survive without trees. Trees purify the environment by absorbing impurities present in air.

The sole solution of air pollution are these trees because they purify air. Trees are very helpful to prevent floods and soil erosion.

The exchange of gases is very necessary in our environment, if exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide cease to exist our survival will also cease to exist. Trees help balance the system of environment.


The absence of trees on earth has caused several issues throughout the world, the climate change is the biggest threat to world. Floods and droughts have become common due to lack of trees.

Excessive soil erosion is reported because of deforestation and floods can cause big damage to soil because there are no trees to prevent soil erosion.

Due to soil erosion the quality and quantity of crop production is badly affected. We are facing global warming and depletion of ozone layer which protect us from the harmful rays of sun.

How to save trees?

  • We can help save trees when we say no to deforestation, nowadays in search of progress and development, deforestation is on the rise. Man has become blind behind material progress, they are going to cut trees to establish industries and factories and to spread roads. We should investigate.
  • There is lack of awareness among people, let’s educate our neighbors and kids to save trees as they are essential ingredient of our survival on earth. Public awareness is very necessary for saving trees.
  • If trees and cut down uselessly in any area, we should contact the authorities concerned to replant trees in those areas.
  • We can help save trees by reducing use of paper, because paper is produced from trees, if we will use less paper less trees will be destroyed.
  • The direct approach to save trees is to plant new trees in both urban and rural areas so that if trees are cleared away for any specific use there will must be some trees on earth. We should plant new trees.
  • It is high time to stop unwarranted cutting of trees, we should start campaigns to stop unwarranted removal of trees from earth.
  • We should celebrate environment day annually to help spread awareness among people to save trees to make environment healthy.
  • Curbing industrialization is also an effective measure to save trees.


Trees are life, it is the best time to take some strict measures to save trees to Save life on earth.

Someone has rightly said that forests are the lungs of our land, if we will remove lungs how would we be able to live on land.

Trees and forests are a collective property so we all should save trees. To cut down a tree is akin to cutting down a life.

It is said that he who plants a tree plants a hope. For our coming generations trees are the best gifts that we can save.

Some one has said that “ The trees are our lungs, the rivers are our circulation, the air is our breath and the earth is our body”. To save trees, rivers, air and land is to save our own life.

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