Writing a Convincing Sick Note for School from Parent

As a parent, it is often necessary to write a sick note for your child’s school whenever they fall ill. A sick note, also referred to as a sick leave letter, is a formal document that informs the school about your child’s absence due to illness. This post provides comprehensive guidance on writing an effective sick note for school from a parent.

The Importance of a Well-Crafted Sick Note for School from a Parent

A well-written sick note is a crucial communication tool between parents and the school. It notifies the school of the child’s absence, the reason for the absence, and the expected duration. This helps the school plan accordingly and also ensures that the child’s absences are appropriately documented.

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Crafting a convincing sick note requires clear communication and a professional tone. The note should start with a formal salutation, followed by the reason and duration of the child’s absence, and finally end with a courteous closing. Here are five examples of sick notes for different situations:

Short-term Absence Sick Note

Dear [Teacher’s Name], My child, [Child’s Name], has come down with a cold and will not be able to attend school for the next couple of days. We anticipate their return by [Date].

Long-term Absence Sick Note

Dear [Teacher’s Name], Unfortunately, [Child’s Name] has been diagnosed with [Illness] and will require a considerable recovery period. We estimate the absence to last [Number of Days/Weeks].

Follow-up Doctor’s Appointment Sick Note

Dear [Teacher’s Name], [Child’s Name] has a follow-up doctor’s appointment scheduled for [Date]. They will miss school on this day.

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Sick Note For Health Recovery

Dear [Teacher’s Name], [Child’s Name] is recovering from an illness and will be absent for [Number of Days] as recommended by our doctor.

Hospital Admissions Sick Note

Dear [Teacher’s Name], [Child’s Name] requires hospitalization due to [Medical Reason]. We expect this to necessitate a [Number of Days/Weeks] absence from school.

FAQs on Writing a Sick Note for School from a Parent

1. Should I disclose specific details about my child’s illness in the sick note?

While it’s necessary to mention the reason for absence, you do not need to disclose specific details about your child’s health condition unless you are comfortable doing so.

2. What if my child’s recovery takes longer than anticipated?

If your child’s recovery extends beyond your estimated time, promptly inform the school and provide an updated estimate of your child’s return.

3. Can I email the sick note to the school?

Yes, you can email the sick note. However, ensure that you follow up with a hard copy when possible.


Writing a convincing sick note for school from a parent is an essential skill. It ensures clear communication with the school regarding your child’s health and absence. This guide has equipped you with the knowledge to craft a professional sick note, including practical examples and answers to common questions. Remember, the goal is to be clear, concise, and respectful in your communication.

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