Student Life | Read Short & Long Paragraph, Eassy On The Life Of Student

It is the most important and purposeful part of human life. This is the easiest and most difficult stage of life. Easy, This is why the school environment is conducive to reading and provides step-by-step guidance from parents and teachers. And the difficulty is that the responsibility for such a child is gradually shifted to other languages ​​besides his mother tongue, which is difficult for the child. When we stand in our place and look at our past life, we realize what difficulties we faced but still we will find the best of school life.

Ten linen About Student Life:

1. Student’s life is a unforgettable part, from where one starts steps toward successful life.

2. The period of life where he understand the purpose of life.

3. School life can be hard but a foundation that makes the coming life easy.

4. This is the beautiful era of life where students learns identity of the human being, the discipline and self-esteem which makes the society grow ahead.

5. Education is the right of every human being, it is mandatory for the students to learn more knowledge.

6. Today’s student is tomorrow’s teacher, freedom of expression and right information are the basic rights of every student.

7. Student is the precious asset of a society, nation and country.

8. Well, there is no ends of knowledge, a human being is a student all life but the school life is the best era of a student’s life, where they learn all the ways to perform the services of humanity.

9. The purpose of every student’s life is to step towards knowledge means travel towards light.

10. Every student must obey teachers.

Short Paragraph On Student Life For Class 9

The real purpose of a student’s life is to learn knowledge. He can face difficult situations but becomes a dignity of the future. Time Ban makes smooth way of success for a student. School life forms academic start with self-obedience, discipline, respect, which raise his identity in the future.

A student gets knowledge in his tenure as well as a strong relationship like friendship which is in the future, they becomes each other’s arm for the development.

The school life is the only place for a student that, teaches him how to face problems of the coming life. Knowledge leads student to the light. Getting more knowledge teaches students never to be disappointed in difficult circumstances.

In the school era, a child’s character is formed. They blend with other students and teachers and learns the value of obedience, respect and discipline. The most important thing they learns the difference of good and bad things.

Long Paragraph On Student Life For Class 10

Because every human being learns from being born, but school time is such a time, a child make a base of education. This life is very best to read and learn because the child is mentally free. This is the time when a child makes the purpose and identity of his life.

School life is the golden era of a man where he makes his good character, gets skills, and makes his life with his skills.

School environment helps child’s to learn in a best manner. The life of the student is like filling colors in an empty picture. In the same era, a student creat rules of life that makes him responsible for peace, security and service of the society.

It is widely believed that the best time to get knowledge is childhood while the best place is school. Teaching knowledge according to all the big religions of the world is the basic right of every child.
During this time, a child’s character is formed. School life teaches a child to perform time ban and duties in a good way and the most important they learn the identity of good and bad. The success of every famous personalities of the world was started from school life.

Essay On Student Life And Discipline

Discipline is the aspect of a student’s life that makes him not only the best student but also the best and most successful person.

It is very important for the student to follow the rules and regulations of the school. No student can be a successful student without following the rules and regulations of the school. When parents send a child to school, the child is first adapted to the rules and regulations of the school. This is the stage from which man steps towards a successful life.

Time waits for no one, time is more important to the student than he thinks. Only with punctuality can a student succeed. Following the rules and regulations not only teaches us punctuality but also plays a role in every aspect of life.

of accidents can happen if people do not show discipline on a road. Following discipline is not only a guarantee of success but also a secure life. Without discipline, no student can complete his / her curriculum well within the allotted time of his / her class.

This proves that discipline is the most important aspect of a student’s life.

Students And Social Life Eassy.

A best leader of the present and the past who selflessly served their country and nation got his passion from his student days.
The young student is the chain between the two generations, the stronger it is, the more it will benefit society.

A student’s good training starts from his home, then from school and from society till he becomes the guarantor of peace and security in the development of the society.

In the present age, a society is facing many threats such as looting, theft, robbery and terrorism. Imagine a young man blowing himself up with a bomb, killing many innocent people with him. All this was because the basis of his training base was terrorism.
And on the other hand the best responsible student plants trees for the society, helps the elderly from time to time on his way to and from school, shares his hands in parents’ work, respects his teachers and touches the feet of the elders. These young people are the asset and real property of society.

The young man of our army who has a great passion for the patriotism of his country and sacrifices his life for the protection of the borders of his country which gives life to the nation in return for his blood. This is the real training that is laid in the student days.

Today’s student is tomorrow’s leader. Parents should bring up their children in a good way so that they can serve their country and nation tomorrow and make our country famous in the world.

A Story About Student Life

By the way, when you get the results of the exams, everything is proved. Students who read diligently raise their heads with pride, and students who focus more on sports and recreation than on their studies eventually end up embarrassed. I want to send a message to all the students through this story that what is achieved through hard work is not achieved through anything. Read the interesting story below.

Akash and Ramesh both came from the village to study in the city. They were both students in the same class and lived in the same room in the hostel. Akash was an intelligent and interested student. Ramesh, on the other hand, focused more on sports and entertainment than on reading.

As the exams approached, Akash explained to Ramesh several times but Ramesh did not pay any attention to Akash. When the results of the exams came, Akash passed with very good marks.

When both of them returned to their village on vacation, Akash was looking happy and excited while Ramesh was very upset. When they reached home, people started giving examples of Akash’s name which honored not only Akash but his entire family and people started asking Ramesh various questions.

After completing their education, when the two took the job test, Akash got a good job and Ramesh remained unemployed.

Dear children, do not let the golden time of your life be in vain, remember that today’s study is the fruit of your whole life.

Conclusion of students life

1. A good student is a responsible person who always strives for the betterment of society.

2. A good student does not mean to tolerate everything, to turn to good deeds and to hate evil, that is, to make every effort to prevent a good student from doing bad deeds in order to save people from the evils of society. Meet like a dutiful police officer.

3. A good student means that he always tries to learn more and does not hide his knowledge, but tries his best to spread it like a teacher.

4. Helping is a sign of a good student. Help people in difficult times like they did for you.

5. Good students are best friends with each other, friendship is the best gift of the student era that will stay with you for the rest of your life, you have to maintain the principles of friendship, that is, the ability to endure.

6. A good student is always known for good manners and always speaks the truth.

7. The sign of a good student is that when he sees people arguing, he tries to reconcile them.

8. A good student is a patriot who loves his country very much.

9. The good student never forgets his foundation and does not allow the customs of any foreign nation to impose on him.

10. A good student does his job well, he never loses his temper but encourages people in difficult times.

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