Paragraph On Summer Vacations For Children & Students

Summer Vacation Paragraph Writing For Students

Summer vacation paragraph is about the days in which all schools, colleges and universities are closed for students for around two months.

Short And Long Summer Vacation Paragraph And Few Lines For Children

  • What are summer vacation paragraph?
  • Why summer vacations are announced
  • What are benefits of summer vacations to students
  • How students enjoy these holidays
  • How summer vacations are a boon to students
  • What do parents do to help students enjoy holidays

Summer vacations are observed in the month of June and July, these are the hottest months of the year.

In these long holidays students become very happy and they plan picnic and visit to cooler places of the country and outside the country with their parents. Paragraph about summer vacation

Parents usually plan to go to cold places with their kids to spend good time away from scorching rays of sun.Summer vacations are a lengthy break after annual examinations of children.

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Why summer Vacations are announced?

June and July are the months in which temperature rise above 45 degree centigrade. The only normal human body temperature is 37 degrees Celsius.

When temperature of environment increases it become very difficult for a student to go to school, so schools and colleges are closed during these months so that students don’t suffer from harmful rays of sun.

Many become victim of sun stroke in these months, little children are very sensitive in nature so they need respite in these hot months.

During summer vacations students are assigned home work, students try to finish all holidays home woke as soon as possible to plan picnic and visit to their near relatives.

What are benefits of Summer Vacations to Students?

It is the wonderful time in the life of a student because a student feel free from school and work and only enjoys time in visiting and playing. Students enjoy these holidays to the fullest.

They feel highly happy, relaxed and jubilant. Sometimes parent enroll their kids during holidays in summer camps where different skills are taught to children.

At evening time students attend summer camps to learn different languages and different academic skills in holidays.

Summer camps are considered as a great asset for students because they get chance to display their innate abilities to do something which is not taught at schools like skating, adventure, crafts, painting and mountain climbing and using different equipment.

Summer vacations are not only dedicated to do indoor activities, students learn a lot when they do outdoor activities, they discover new things and learn a lot.

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Summer vacations are a kind of boon to students because they don’t only get free time but also feel free to go anywhere.

All tourists places are found full in these months, all tourists places are teeming with tourists during June and July specially all cold places where it snows and temperature is normal.

Fortunately the Monsoon season fall in the end of summer holidays, students enjoy rainy season.

When monsoon season starts climate become agreeably cold and temperature of the environment dwindles and weather become pleasant to enjoy.

In summer vacations students become mentally and physically fit and active as they revel in the natural beauty of the surroundings and enjoy to the utmost.

In summer vacations students get an opportunity to go close to nature and they behold the beautiful scenery around and they get spiritually and emotionally strong.

Nature is our mother, everything that exists in nature is full of natural beauty. Beauty of nature is the remedy of many ailments and stress.

Students being in the laps of nature forget all worries and become as fresh as a rose. Mother nature nourishes us in such a way that a person become Juvenile and young.

Keats has rightly said that “ A thing of beauty is joy forever”. Students cherish the beautiful, enchanting and touching memories of summer vacations for their life long.


Summer is the hottest season of the year, vacations during June and July are the freedom from work and freedom from class.

Students enjoy summer vacations by playing different games, by visiting beautiful places and feeling free to adopt different hobbies for two months.

Most importantly these holidays come right after the annual examinations of children, students work hard, they work day and night to do their best in exams.

As exams are finished, summer vacations are announced. These vacations are a respite from hard work that students put forth to attempt their annual papers.

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