What happen when I Don’t Do The Essay For Sat

If you choose not to complete the essay portion of the SAT exam, your application will be considered incomplete and you may not be admitted to the college or university of your choice. The essay section of the SAT is an optional component of the exam, but some colleges and universities require it for admission.

If you choose not to complete the essay, your SAT score will only include the scores from the multiple-choice sections, which will give the admissions committee a less complete picture of your academic abilities. This may negatively impact your chances of being admitted to your desired institution, particularly if the essay is required by the college or university.

It is important to carefully research the admission requirements of the colleges and universities to which you plan to apply to ensure that you complete all required components of the SAT exam. If you are unsure whether the essay is required, you should contact the admissions office of the institution directly to obtain clarification.

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