What Part of Speech is Near [ Adverb, Adjective ]

Near is an adverb, used to describe the proximity of two objects or ideas. It can also be used as a preposition when talking about something being close to another object. The word ‘near’ has a few different meanings that all come together to form one definition, and it can be used in many different types of sentences.

What Part of Speech is Near ?

Uses of Near

Near can be used in a variety of ways, depending on the context and sentence structure. Here are some examples:


  • • “She lives near the beach.”
  • • “He is standing very near the door.”
  • • “I am getting close to finishing my project.”


  • • “He sits near the window.”
  • • “The tree is near the building.”
  • • “My house is not too far from the store.”


  • • “That is a near-perfect copy of the original.”
  • • “The nearest village is about an hour away.”
  • • “This is the nearest thing to a miracle I’ve ever seen.”


Near is a versatile word that can be used as an adverb, preposition and adjective. Whether you’re talking about physical proximity or figurative closeness, the word near will always come in handy. With its many different uses and meanings, it’s no wonder why this commonly-used term has become such a popular part of speech!

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Q1. Is near a noun or adjective?

A1. Near is an adverb, preposition, and adjective.

Q2. Is nearby a preposition or adverb?

A2. Nearby is a preposition.

Q3. What is near as an adjective?

A3. Near as an adjective is used to describe something that is very close to being perfect or identical to something else. For example, “That painting is a near-perfect copy of the original.”

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