Essay: Why Abortion Should Be Banned?

This essay focuses on the ethical, moral and practical implications of abortion. It contends that it goes against human rights principles, providing compelling evidence to support its argument for a ban on this controversial practice.

Argumentative Essay Topic: Why Abortion Should Be Banned?

Abortion is an enduring moral quandary which has caused much debate over the years. Though some people support a woman’s right to choose, there are those who decry its practice and assert it should be unlawful. This essay will explore why abortion should not be permissible according to many individuals’ perspectives.

Abortion is an egregious infringement of a basic human right: the right to life. With abortion, a person’s chance at being born and living their own unique life experience is cruelly diminished before it even begins. Every unborn human deserves protection from this most heinous violation of their rights as individuals under any circumstance.

Women’s physical and mental health may be put at risk by abortion: studies show a high correlation between having an abortion and suffering from depression, anxiety, or other mental health issues. Beyond that reality is the potential for infection, bleeding complications, even infertility- all of which could be avoided were we to ban access to abortions. Taking this step would ensure women are making decisions in their best interest with regard to their own long term well being.

Aborting a pregnancy sends the alarming message that human life is not sacred, and can be easily discarded when inconvenient or unwanted. This undermines our society’s values which prioritize protecting human life at all costs; consequently, these laws are essential for preserving respect of ourselves and others in our community.

Opponents of banning abortion are staunchly committed to protecting a woman’s right to reproductive autonomy, which includes her choice whether or not she wants an abortion. This has become one of the most prominent issues in modern-day healthcare – allowing women control over their own bodies and lives.

Women certainly have the prerogative to make important decisions about their own bodies, but this does not extend to taking away another human life. Fortunately, there are alternatives that still give women control of their futures without sacrificing the unborn – adoption being one such option.

Ultimately, it is time to implement a ban on abortion in order to ensure the rights of the unborn and preserve female health. This action upholds our societal values while also providing other available options for those considering such an extreme measure – ultimately leading to a more secure society that safeguards human life.


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