Essay: Why Abortion Should Be Illegal?

why abortion should be illegal? give your thoughts in an essay

I with an informed opinion on abortion, I argue that the practice should be outlawed. There is no denying there are vocal advocates of abortion but when one considers the many detrimental consequences it can bring, making this procedure illegal becomes more obvious as the right choice to make.

Abortion is an abhorrent denial of the most fundamental human right: life. From conception, each person has a unique identity and deserves to live; by allowing this practice we are asserting that some lives have less value than others. It must be acknowledged that every individual’s decision regarding their body should be respected – except in cases when they would otherwise violate another living being’s right to exist.

In the face of unexpected pregnancies, women don’t have to succumb to abortion; adoption provides a win-win. It enables mothers facing tricky decisions with an alternative that gives their child life while also allowing them to select a loving family for the baby. We must recognize how powerful it is – and important -that we give every child this chance at life as well as protection from potentially unsatisfactory parenting scenarios which can arise through other forms of choice on unplanned pregnancy results.

Women should be made aware of all potential outcomes before making a decision about an abortion, as any such procedure is not without its risks. Not only can the physical implications be worrisome – infection or bleeding for instance – but emotional and psychological trauma are often overlooked when discussing this controversial issue. Without appropriate guidance and understanding of what could transpire due to having an abortion, women may face dire consequences with little help in times of need.

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To conclude, I believe it is essential to protect innocent life by making abortion illegal. Although this may be an uncomfortable conversation for many to have, we must prioritize both the physical and mental well-being of women in unplanned pregnancies while still protecting human rights from conception onward. Laws should reflect that taking away someone’s right to live shouldn’t even be an option – let us work together towards changing our culture so that all are valued and respected!

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