Words Starting With “AB” | Verb, Adverb Adjective & Noun

Get a comprehensive list of words nouns, verbs, adverb and adjectives starting with “AB” including definitions and examples of usage in sentences. the list is very useful for students

If you’re searching for 4,5,6,7,8 letter words that start with “Ab, Aba, Able and Abi” you’ve come to the right place! In this article, you’ll find a comprehensive list of nouns, verbs, and adjectives starting with “ab”. We’ve also included definitions and examples of usage in sentences to help you understand each word’s meaning and how it’s used. Whether you’re a student, a writer, or just someone who enjoys words, this article is a great resource for expanding your vocabulary. So, dive in and start exploring the world of words starting with “AB!”

Of English Words (Noun, Verb, Adverb & Adjectives) That Starts With “Ab”

Enhance your English vocabulary with this comprehensive student list of nouns, verbs, and adjectives starting with “Ab.” Explore definitions and examples of usage in sentences to improve your language skills.

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starting with Ab words list

1. Verb That Start With Ab

1. 4 letters word

  • Abash: john’s rude talk abashed the other guests
  • Abet: He abetted three criminal in a schemes.
  • Abide: We must abide by the conditions of the contract
  • .Abut: The fence abutted against the old barn.
  • Ably: He ably managed the business during his absence.

2. 5 letters word

  • Abide: “He will abide by the rules and conditions no matter what.”
  • Abort: “The mission was aborted due to weather issues.”
  • About: “She’s always about helping others.”
  • Above: “The mini package was left above the parliament.”
  • Abuse:”The child suffered abuse from his father.”

3. 6 Letters Word

  • Abound: The whole forest was teeming with wildlife and the lovely flowers were abounding.
  • Abroad: he is planning to study abroad next year.
  • Absorb: The sponge gradually absorbed the spilled water.
  • Absolve: Frank was absolved of all blame.

4. 7 Letters Word

  • Abolish : The US government plans to abolish the current sales tax system.
  • Absolve: The priest absolved him of his sins.
  • Abstain: John decided to abstain from alcohol during the month of December.
  • Abandon: Obama abandoned the project when he realized it was too difficult.
  • Abridge: The book was abridged for the younger audience.
  • Abdicate: The honorable judge abdicated and gave up his throne.

5. Others

  • Alkalize: The normal water was alkalized to make it safe and secure for everyone drinking.
  • Abbreviate: We all abbreviated the word ‘administration’ to ‘admin’.
  •  Abrogate: The US government abrogated the law after much debate in the cabinet.

2. Adjective That Start With Ab?

1. 4 letters word

  • Ably: John performed ably in the play. OR, Smith ably solved the complex mathematical equation.
  • Able: David is able to speak three different languages fluently.
  • Abed: kids were abed by 10 pm.
  • Abet: She abetted the thief in his escape.

2. 5 letters word

  • Abash: She felt abash when everyone in the garden was staring at her.
  • Abbot: He was wearing an abbot gown as he reached the church.
  • Abhor: John abhorred the idea of eating insects.
  • Abler: The abler athlete was able to complete the race before the others.
  • Abuzz: The market was abuzz with excitement as the band took the stage.
  • Abaft: The crew looked abaft as the ship sailed away.

3. 6 Letters Word

  • Abject: The abject poverty in a country is heart-wrenching. OR, The abject poverty in an Indian village was heartbreaking.
  • Ablaze: The sky was ablaze with the colors of the sunset orange color. OR, The plaza was ablaze with bright lights.
  • Abrupt: He was taken aback by the abrupt change in weather. OR, The abrupt end of the party due to the weather change.
  • Absurd: His idea of a flying pig is absurd.
  • Abused: The fluffy black dog was badly abused by its previous owner.

4. 7 Letters word

  • Abashed: Smith was abashed by her directness.
  • Abusive: David used abusive language towards his wife and she felt extremely disrespected.
  • Abridge: The movie  was abridged for adult audience.
  • Abscond: A fat thief absconded with the money.
  • Abjured: Smith abjured his former beliefs.
  • Ablated: The ablated rock face was exposed.
  • Absolve: The judge absolved him of all charges.

5. 8 Letters Word

  • Abhorred: The public in a demonstration abhorred the politician’s lie
  • Abstruse: David’s explanation of quantum mechanics was abstruse.
  • Abrasive: The abrasive texture of the sandpaper made it very difficult to use.
  • Abnormal: The abnormal behavior of the kid raised concerns for his parents.
  • Aberrant: John’s aberrant behavior was not tolerated by the other girls.

3. Adverb That Starts with Ab

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  • Abashedly: Angelina spoke abashedly after realizing her mistake.
  • Abysmally: The Brazil team performed abysmally in the FIFA world cup.
  • Abundantly: An African forest was abundant with wildlife this week.
  • Absolutely: Frank absolutely refused to change his mind.
  • Abjectly: Smith abjectly apologized for his rude behavior.
  • Abnormally: The US growth rate of the economy was abnormally recorded high this quarter.
  • Abruptly: The parliament meeting was abruptly ended due to a sudden technical issue.
  • Absurdly: David’s idea of a flying car seemed absurdly far-fetched.

4. Words That Starts With Aba

1. What Are Verb Words Starting With “Aba”?

  • Abase: Smith abased himself before the king.
  • Abandon: She abandoned the project when she realized it was too difficult.
  • Abash: His rude conversation abashed his friend.
  • Abate: The heavy wind abated after 30 minutes.

2. What are Adjective Words Starting with “Aba”?

  • Abased: The criminal felt abased when the judge sentenced him to 5 years in prison.
  • Abash: Her speaking made me abash in front of the audience.
  • Abate: The rain gradually abated, leaving clear skies behind.
  • Abating: The loud noise level was abating as the party goers began to leave.

3. What are Noun Words Starting With “Aba”?

  • Abacus: David used an abacus to calculate the cost of his purchases.
  • Abalone: The abalone was a famous dish at the seafood hotel.
  • Abandonment: The abandonment of the task was a disappointment to the team.
  • Abatement: The abatement of land pollution was necessary for the community’s well-being.
  • Abattoir: The abattoir was shut down due to illegal practices.

5. Words Starts with “Able”

  • Able: (Adjective/Verb) She was able to complete the project on time.
  • Ably: (Adjective) She ably managed the project herself.
  • Abler: (Adjective) he was abler than his peers.
  • Ablest: (Adjective) She was the ablest of all the students in the school.
  • Abloom: (Adjective) My garden was abloom with colorful red flowers..

6. Words That Starts with “Abi”

    • Abide (verb): We must abide by the terms and condition of the agreement.
    • Abiding (adjective): Smith’s abiding love for her was evident.
    • Abiotic (adjective): The abiotic environment of the white desert was harsh.
    • Abilities (noun): She demonstrated her several abilities during the presentation.
    • Ability (noun): He has the ability to learn fast.

Vocabulary Words Starting with ab | English Basics

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FAQs On Words That Begins With Ab

Q: What start with ab for kids?

A: Some words that start with AB for kids include abacus, abbey, abbot, abdicate, and abject.

Q: How many words in English language that start with ab?

A: There are over 1,000 words in the English language that start with AB.

Q: What is a 3 letters words that start with Ab?

A: Some three letter words that start with AB include aba, abb, and aby.

Q: What are preposition words that starts with letters Ab?

A: Some preposition words that start with AB include aboard, about and above.

Q: What are interjection words that starts with letters Ab?

A: Some interjection words that start with AB include abracadabra and abysmal.

Q: What are conjunction words that starts with letters Ab?

A: Some conjunction words that start with AB include albeit and although.