Words That Starts With “AC” | Adjectives, Verb, Adverb & Noun

Discover words that starts with “Ac, Act, Acu, and Ach” that are adjective, noun, verb, and adverb. Expand your vocabulary by reading this comprehensive article. Specially for students and children.

Do you know that the English is a rich language having words starting with the letters “AC”? These words can be adjectives, nouns, verbs, and adverbs. In this comprehensive article we’ll explore a list of of words starting with “AC, Act, Acu and Ach” that you may not have encountered before. Whether you’re a language enthusiast, student, or just looking to enhance your vocabulary, you’ll find valuable information in this blog post So, let’s dive in and discover the versatility of words starting with “AC”.

Of English Words (Adjectives, Verb, Adverb And Noun ) That Starts with “AC”

We have divided following words according to their part of speech, for the better understanding. You can also copy and past the list for your further need.

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Ac words list

1. List Of Words That Starts With Ac

  • Acrid: The acrid smell of smoke filled the air in our surrounding areas.
  • Acidic: The crop soil was too acidic for the plants to grow.
  •  Acute: Smith had an acute sense of hearing.
  • Active: She is an active and clever member of the team.
  • Accurate: Actually the report newspaper was accurate and well-researched.
  • Acclaimed: The acclaimed English Language author wrote a best-selling novel book.
  • Achromatic: The achromatic painting was aimed to compose for only black and white.
  • Achromatic: The achromatic painting was aimed to compose for only black and white.
  • Accommodating: David was very accommodating and agreed to help us in this matter.
  • Accomplished: Smith is an accomplished musician in music industry across USA.
  • Achromatic: The achromatic painting was aimed to compose for only black and white.
  • Acrimonious: The acrimonious divorce proceedings lasted for several months.

2. List Of Words Noun That Starts With Ac

  • Ace: David scored an ace in the game
  • Acre: Smith’s farm was spread over five acres.
  • Action: The latest released action movie was full of suspense.
  • Accent: Angelina had a strong accent that was difficult to understand in a short time.
  • Accord: David reached an accord after months of negotiations with his customers.
  • Acidity: An expert said that, the acidity of the soil was too high.
  • Activity: of course, the activity was fun and engaging.
  • Acclaim: The latest release movie received critical acclaim.
  • Acumen: He had a sharp acumen specially for business.
  • Accolade: Smith received an accolade for his hard work.
  • Account: He opened a bank account to save his money from IT project.
  • Accuracy: The accuracy of the television channel report was impressive.
  • Accolade: Smith received an accolade for his hard work.
  • Acrobatics: The acrobatics show was really very amazing.
  • Accommodation: The accommodation was comfortable and clean during our visit.
  • Accomplishment: His greatest accomplishment was graduating from law college.
  • Accumulation: The accumulation of dust was visible on the walls.

3. List Of What Words Verb That Starts With Ac

  • Accept: I accept your demand.
  • Accrue: High Interest accrued on the loan over time.
  • Accuse: Smith accused her of lying.
  • Acquire: David acquired a new IT skill after taking a class.
  • Acquire: David acquired a new IT skill after taking a class.
  • Accede: An election candidate acceded to the demands of the protesters.
  • Acclaim: The audience acclaimed the dance performance of Julie.
  • Accelerate: John suddenly accelerated the car and drove away.
  • Accentuate: Smith accentuated his eyes with dark eyeliner.
  • Accommodate: The restaurant was able to accommodate all of our guests.
  • Accomplish: Angelina accomplished her goal of running a marathon in Olympics.
  • Accost: John accosted the girl in the street.
  • Account: Kindly account for the missing money.
  • Accredit: The college was accredited by the Ministry of Education.
  • Accumulate: He accumulated a great fortune.
  • Acclimate: She required time to acclimate to the new environment of this city.
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4. List Of Words Adverb That Starts With Ac

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  • Actually: Actually, I don’t think that’s true news.
  • Actively: Angelina actively participated in the meeting.
  • Accidentally: Julie accidentally spilled her juice.
  • Accurately: Smith accurately predicted the outcome of the recent local election.
  • Acrimoniously: John argued acrimoniously about the an issue.

5. List Of Words Starts with Act

  • Act (verb): Julie acted in the show.
  • Actor: Angelina is a successful actor in Hollywood.
  • Actual (adjective): The actual cost was computer higher than expected.
  • Actuate (verb): David’s quick actions actuated the plan.
  • Action: John took action to solve the domestic matter.
  • Activate (verb): John activated the alarm before going to bed.
  • Actively: Julie actively participated in the meeting.
  • Actualize: Smith actualized his dream of becoming an army officer.

6. List Of Words That Starts with Acu

  • Act: (verb) Smith acted quickly to avoid a car accident.
  • Acute (adjective): Angelina had an acute sense of hearing.
  • Acuity (noun): His acuity of vision was remarkable.
  • Activate: Julie activated the alarm system before leaving her room.
  • Acumen (noun): Julie always displayed great acumen in her decision making.
  • Acutely (adverb): Julie observed the current situation acutely.
  • Acuteness (noun): John’s acuteness of mind was remarkable.
  • Acupuncture: (noun) Smith tried acupuncture to relieve his pain.
  • Acupuncture (noun): David used acupuncture to treat his migraine pain.

7. List Of Words That Starts with Ach

  • Ache: (verb) David’s back ached after lifting the heavy carton.
  • Aching (adjective): His aching muscles needed a massage urgently.
  • Achiever (noun): Julie was an achiever in her field.
  • Achieve: (verb) My sister finally achieved success after years of hard work.
  • Achievable (adjective): The task was hard but achievable.
  •  Achieved (verb): my brother achieved success.
  • Achieving (verb): David was achieving great things.
  • Achievement (noun): Obviously, his greatest achievement was winning the race.

Common English Words Starting with “AC”  Video #54

Learn seven new common English words that start with the letters “AC”. I teach you how to spell these words, the definition, and how to use each word in a sentence.


Q: What is a 5 letter word that start with Ac?

A: There are many words that starts with Ac like, Acorn.

Q: What is “Ac” family word?

A: The possible family Ac words is Acronym.

Q: What start with Ac for kids?

A: Acai Berry juice.

Q: How many words in English lanuage that start with Ac?

A: There are over 1,000 words in the English language that start with the letter “Ac”.

Q: What is a 7 letters words that start with Ac?

A: Many words in English dictionary like, Acrylic

Q: What are preposition words that starts with letters Ac?

A: Across, according, according to, act, action, active, activity.

Q: What are interjection words that starts with letters Ac?

A: Aha, ahem, ahoy, alas, amen, aye.