Words That Starts with AD | Adjective, Verb, Adverb & Noun

Explore the English words (adjectives, verbs, adverbs, and nouns) that starts with letters  “Ad, Adr, Ado, Adi, Add, Adj, Ada and Adi by reading this comprehensive guide and also learn the definition, usage, and examples of each word.”

English language words starting with “AD” can be a rich source of vocabulary for writing and speech. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at adjectives, verbs, adverbs, and nouns starting with “Ad Ad, Adr, Ado, Adi, Add, Adj, Ada and Adi. You’ll also find 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, Letters words starts with letters Ad with the definition, usage, and examples of each word, so you can easily expand your knowledge and use these words with confidence. No matter you’re a student, teacher, writer, who loves words, this guide will be a valuable specially for children. So, let’s see the world lists.

Of Adjectives, Verbs, Adverbs, Nouns Words That Starts with Ad Ad, Adr, Ado, Adi, Add, Adj, Ada and Adi

in order to better understand i have divided following English words that begin with Ad according to their part of speech, so you can easily create your favorite list easily.

starting with ab words list

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1. Adjectives that starts with Ad

  • Adamant: She was adamant about not attending the show
  • .Adept: John was adept at solving puzzles.
  • Adorable: Smith’s puppy was so adorable.
  • Adventurous: Julie was an adventurous traveler.
  • Adrift: The ship was adrift in the middle of the Indian ocean.
  • Adequate: The food was adequate, but not amazing.
  • Advantaged: Being bilingual is an advantage.

2. Verbs that starts with Ad

  • Adjoin: The two rooms adjoined each other in a gallery.
  • Adjudicate: The civil judge adjudicated the case.
  • Admonish: Smith admonished the students for their behavior.
  • Adopt: They adopted a new company policy.
  • Adulate: John adulated the celebrity.
  • Advance: David advanced to the next level.
  • Adhere: The photo will adhere to the wall when it is wet.
  • Adjure: Court judge adjured the jury to reach a decision.
  • Admire: Smith always admired his courage.
  • Admit: David admitted that he had made a mistake.
  • Adorn: Julie adorned the table with fresh flowers.
  • Adulate: John adulated Julie in an effort to get a promotion.
  • Advocate: Julie advocated for greater access to education.

3. Adverbs that starts with Ad

  • Adroitly: Smith adroitly solved the problem.
  • Admittedly: Admittedly, John was wrong.
  • Adoringly: Julie looked at Smith adoringly.
  • Adventurously: Angelina adventurously explored the cave.

4. Noun That start with ad

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  • Adage: Smith’s adage was that hard work pays off.
  • Adherence: David’s adherence to the rules was admirable.
  • Adjunct: Smith was an adjunct professor at the university.
  • Admonition: His admonition was to always be honest in life.
  • Ado: There was much ado about the new horror movie.
  • Adoption: The adoption of the new company policy was successful.
  • Adultery: Adultery is a serious offense.
  • Advancement: Smith’s advancement in the company was rapid.
  • Adversary: David’s adversary was a formidable opponent.
  • Advantage: Having a degree is an advantage in the job.
  • Adze: Smith used an adze to carve the wood into a bowl.
  • Adder: The adder is common in the US.
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5. Words that starts with Adr

  • Adrift (Adjective): Adrift means floating without any direction.
  • Adroit (Adjective): Adroit means having or showing skill, intelligence, and resourcefulness.
  • Adroitly (adverb): He easily solved the matter adroitly.
  • Adroitness (noun): His adroitness in completing the task was remarkable.

6. Words that starts with “Ado”

  • Adopt (Verb): They adopted a child from the child care center.
  • Adore (Verb): Julie adored her mother.
  • Adorn (Verb): Julie adorned the table with red flowers.
  • Ado (Noun): There was much ado about the show.
  • Adornment (Noun): Julie wore a necklace as an adornment.

7. Words that starts with Ade

  • Adequate (Adjective): The gift was adequate but not great.
  • Adeptness (Noun): John’s adeptness at chess was impressive.
  • Adept (Adjective): Smith was an adept negotiator.
  • Adeptly (Adverb): John adeptly solved the problem.
  • Adequacy (Noun): The adequacy of the resources was questioned.

8. Words that starts with Add

  • Add (Verb): Add the sugar to the flour.
  • Addendum (Noun): The news report had an addendum with additional information.
  • Adder (Noun): The adder is common in the United State.
  • Addict (Noun): Smith was a drug addict.
  • Addition (Noun): Salt is an addition to many foods.
  • Additive (Noun): Baking soda is a common food additive.
  • Address (Verb): David addressed the crowd with a speech.
  • Addressee (Noun): The letter was addressed to the principal.

9. Words that starts with Adi

  • Adieu (Interjection): Adieu! I will meet you again in evening.
  • Adipose (Adjective): Adipose tissue is found in the body.
  • Adjudge (Verb): The honorable judge adjudged him guilty of the crime.

10. Words that Starts with Adj

  • Adjective (Noun): An adjective is a part of speech used to describe a noun or pronoun. Example: The girl were beautiful.
  • Adjoin (Verb): The two beautiful buildings adjoined each other.
  • Adjourn (Verb): The case was adjourned until next week.
  • Adjunct (Noun): Sugar is an adjunct to many dishes.
  • Adjure (Verb): The wise man adjured the jury to reach a decision.
  • Adjudicate (Verb): The manager adjudicated the dispute between the two employee.
  • Adjutant (Noun): The captain had an adjutant to help him with his duties.
  • Adjust (Verb): Smith adjusted the position of the chair.

11. Words that starts with Ada

  • Adamant (Adjective): Smith was adamant that he was right.
  • Adapt (Verb): Julie adapted the recipe to suit her dietary needs.
  • Adage (Noun): An adage often repeated is “A stitch in time saves nine.”
  • Adagio (Adverb): Julie danced the adagio with ease.

12. Words that Starts with Adv

  • Advocate (Verb): Julie advocated for greater access to education.
  • Advantage (Noun): Having an IT degree is an advantage to get job easily.
  • Advent (Noun): The advent of the internet changed the way of business.
  • Adverse (Adjective): The weather conditions were adverse for the flight.
  • Advice (Noun): Smith gave her my advice but she didn’t take it serious.
  • Advise (Verb): David advised me to take a break from work.
  • Advocate (Noun): Smith was an advocate for social justice.
  • Advocacy (Noun): Julie was involved in advocacy for animal rights.
  • Advance (Verb): My project advanced quickly.
  • Advantageous (Adjective): It was advantageous for a manager to have an experienced team.
  • Adventurous (Adjective): Julie was an adventurous traveler.

Learn ten new common English words that start with the letters “Ad”. I teach you how to spell these words, the definition, and how to use each word in a sentence.