My Favourite Childhood Memories Essay For Class 6

Here is a short essay on the topic of your childhood memories. Students can get several ideas for writing Paragraphs about the topic.

It will very excellent if you will share your childhood memories story in the comment section. We will publish your story after approval.

Short Essay On My Favourite Childhood Memories For Students

It was the afternoon of my ninth birthday. I had just finished my tea and was about to go outside to play when the doorbell rang. My mother answered and I heard voices in the hallway. Suddenly I heard hurried steps upstairs and a moment later two women stormed into my room. Without a word, they grabbed my arms and dragged me out the door, down the stairs, and into a waiting car.

Mu childhood memories essay

They were MI5 secret agents, my mother later told me. They were sent to take me away for my safety because someone tried to kill me. I would be safe, they promised her, but she wouldn’t see me for a very long time.

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I spent the next six years of my life in secrecy, either abroad or at home underground. Most of the time I was alone. My only friends were the other children who lived in my house and they weren’t allowed outside for fear of being shot by an assassin’s bullet.


When I was nine, I was rescued by secret agents because someone wanted to kill me, so I spent six years in hiding. But it was not fun being alone and not having any friends at all. So this story of me is my childhood memory essay on how I survived my childhood.