Strain Calculator

Our Strain Calculator is a handy tool designed to help you calculate the strain experienced by a material under applied force. Strain measures the deformation of a material relative to its original length, expressed as a percentage change.

Force (in N) Optional:

Original Length (in m):

Change in Length (in m):


How to Use:

  1. Enter Force (Optional): If applicable, input the force applied to the material in Newtons (N).
  2. Enter Original Length: Input the original length of the material in meters (m).
  3. Enter Change in Length: Input the change in length of the material due to applied force in meters (m).
  4. Click “Calculate Strain”: Once you’ve entered the required information, click the button to calculate the strain.
  5. View Results: The tool will swiftly compute the strain percentage and display the result.

Example Calculation:

Let’s consider the following scenario:

  • Force Applied: 100 N (optional)
  • Original Length: 2 meters
  • Change in Length: 0.05 meters

Using the formula:

Strain=(Change in LengthOriginal Length)×100Strain=(Original LengthChange in Length​)×100


Result: The strain experienced by the material is 2.5%.

Use our Strain Calculator to quickly and accurately assess the deformation of materials under applied force, aiding in various engineering and construction applications.

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