How To Write A Basic Paragraph | A Complete Guide For Kids

What Is Paragraph Writing?

A paragraph is a combination of a few sentences pointing to a single topic or idea. A writer can express his thoughts and ideas in a single paragraph related to a single topic. To change the topic, he would start a new para.

While talking about different topics in our daily life, we first need to introduce the topic, which is called “topic sentences.” Then we describe our topic in a brief explanation with examples, which is called “body sentences.” Finally, we need to give a solution, which is called “conclusion.”

This is just an example, but to write a short or long paragraph on a topic, students must be able to get basic and advanced information to write a great paragraph.

Writing a paragraph guide

Why Teachers Give Topics To Students For Writing Paragraph?

It is generally observed that a question paper contains a question about paragraph writing. The basis of giving such motivation to build writing skills among students and children is Read those example paragraphs on several topics.

English Paragraph Writing Topics & Examples With Ultimate Guide For All Class Students And Children

Writing paragraphs on different topics is a method of learning, especially for child students. Students in classes 5, 6, and 8 are at the middle education stage, and might require adequate information about writing skills. Paragraphs are not only written in English; a student should get knowledge of how to write in English, Hindi, and other languages for getting good marks in every subject will improve their grade or degree.

Basic Rules For Writing A Paragraph On Any Topic

Child students need to know about the basic four rules for writing. They are as below.

Rule 01: Indent – An indentation is the space before you start writing a new paragraph. Remember that one paragraph contains only one indent.


________Education is the single most important factor in development because every principle of work requires knowledge to be performed flawlessly.

Rule 02: Using a capital word at starting of every new sentence – Using capital words before starting every new sentence not only creates a beautiful structure for the paragraph, but it also increases the readability for readers.

Rule 03: Use a period (.) when you end a sentence – A type of punctuation helps the reader and writer understand the actual purpose of conversation.

Rule 04: Never use point form- Don’t use extra symbols in your paragraphs, like bullets, numbers, etc.

Paragraph Example

Four Types Of Paragraph Writing

A paragraph is a piece of writing that focuses on a single topic. It is a basic writing rule to understand the writer’s thoughts and ideas about a topic.

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The length of a paragraph depends upon your level and study subject. However, students should practice how to write short and long paragraphs. The exercise goal is to improve writing skills.

Kinds Of paragraph

There are four types of Paragraph are given below.

1. Narrative paragraph- A narrative paragraph tells a story. For example, when a student writes about an event like celebrating a festival, visiting a place, or how you celebrated a birthday, A narrative paragraph is easy to write for kids or students.

2. Descriptive Paragraph- This type of paragraph is focused and gives detailed information about a particular topic. The descriptive paragraph is usually written to complete a higher-level education assignment.

3. Expository paragraph- This type of paragraph explains the topic in detail. gives readers a deep insight into the information. The topic of this type of paragraph can be chosen from history, science, or technology.

4. Persuasive Paragraph- This type of paragraph is aimed at conveying others’ agreement with your opinion or position.

Process of  Writing A Paragraph

The process of writing a paragraph is very easy and unique. For example, you are preparing your mind to write one. Many ideas come into your mind about your topic, but the importance is to state your thoughts in a good manner for others to understand. The steps are always useful for writing an interesting paragraph. Definition, explanation, and conclusion are the basic elements to making the best structure of a paragraph.
Let’s learn how to write one.

1. Topic sentence: Topic sentences are the sentences you use to define your topic.Topic sentences at the beginning of a paragraph should be maintained with formal words and be specific to the topic. Using short sentences is a good trick to make a title.

2. Body sentences: When you try to describe something in detail, it is called the “body of your conversation.”

3. Conclusion: Sentences are at the end of a paragraph. This part of the paragraph contains the writer’s goal.

Tips For Writings A Best Paragraph On A Topic

Preparation: prepare yourself mentally to write by collecting ideas in your mind about the exact topic.

1. Introduction – Your topic sentence should be appealing in order to pique readers’ interest in reading.A topic sentence should be written to introduce or define the topic.

2. Rules- Be careful of the paragraph writing rules in order to get good marks.

3. Length- Don’t write a long paragraph on a single topic; discover multiple ideas and thoughts to explain the main topic.

4. Quotes- You must include a quote in your paragraph about the topic.

5. Revision- Check your written Short paragraph for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors