Unity Is Strength Paragraph In 150 Words For Students

Read here a short paragraph writing example on topic Unity is Strength in 350 words for all class students.

Short Paragraph On Unity Is Strength For Children

1. Introduction

One of the common proverbs among many is that “we stand united, divided we fall”. This shows how strong unity can be. It always brings people together and creates a greater power than others thought possible. For example, the United States is far more effective and powerful than separate countries because it understands and believes in its cause to fight for freedom.

2. Body Paragraph

Unity is strength when a group of people unites for a common cause. There are many great examples throughout history. One example is the United States in the American Revolution against Great Britain. During this time, Congress supported George Washington and his armies when they felt that this was not enough. In fact, during their darkest hours, when they were on the verge of losing, Congress issued one (one hundred thousand dollar bill) printed on the back for George Washington to use whenever he saw fit.

Another example is when Japan joined Germany and Italy during World War II. It brought them together with the common cause of fighting communism. But when the war ended, Hitler, along with several Nazi leaders, committed suicide while Japan General MacAurthur surrendered. This results in both countries being destroyed by Allied forces for lack of unity as communism is spreading in Eastern Europe and forcing Soviet influence into the political landscape of Asia.

And finally, there are many great examples where united people combine their negative influences like sexism, homophobia, etc., but when they start to unite, they started to build respect, love and acceptance for one another.

3. Conclusion

When people come together in unity, they are able to combine their strengths and weaknesses into a common goal without quarreling or quarreling. They can then achieve their goals with ease because there are no more discussions about what to do. This proves how effective the power of oneness can be when used effectively. It will always bring people together so that they can achieve greatness beyond imagination. When this happens, it is important that everyone involved respect, love, and accept each other for who they are and not what is between them at the time.

Unity is strength! Because together everyone can achieve more!