Adjectives That Starts With M In English, Arabic, French & Portuguese

Welcome, Lets Step into the world of expressive language as we present an exquisite assortment of 100 adjectives that embark on the delightful journey of the letter “M.” This linguistic treasure trove is carefully curated to cater to the needs of students, writers, and anyone eager to enrich their vocabulary.

In this compilation, we delve into the nuanced shades of meaning encapsulated by adjectives, providing a versatile palette for your creative expressions. The magic lies not just in the words themselves, but in their potential to transform ordinary sentences into vibrant tapestries of language.

As we transcend linguistic boundaries, each adjective is accompanied by translations into Arabic, Spanish, and Portuguese, ensuring a global embrace of the beauty contained within these words.

Explore the positive and negative realms, discover adjectives tailored for diverse contexts, and witness the power of language unfold in humor-laden expressions. Whether you seek to elevate your writing or simply revel in the charm of words, this collection is a valuable resource.

Dive into the enchanting world of adjectives that start with “M,” and may this linguistic adventure enhance your communication, spark creativity, and infuse your expressions with newfound vibrancy.

List Of 100 Adjectives Words Starting With M | Describing Words Beginning With M

Adjectives That Starts With M to Describe Someone:

English Arabic Spanish Portuguese
Magnificent رائع Magnífico Magnífico
Majestic عظيم Majestuoso Majestoso
Malleable قابل للتشكيل Maleable Maleável
Melancholic حزين Melancólico Melancólico
Mellow ناعم Meloso Suave

Adjectives That Starts With M for Girls:

English Arabic Spanish Portuguese
Mystic صوفي Místico Místico
Modest متواضع Modesto Modesto
Musical موسيقي Musical Musical
Mysterious غامض Misterioso Misterioso
Nurturing تربية Nutritivo Nutritivo

Adjectives That Starts With M for Boys:

English Arabic Spanish Portuguese
Nimble خفيف الحركة Ágil Ágil
Nocturnal ليلي Nocturno Noturno
Nostalgic حنون Nostálgico Nostálgico
Novel جديد Novato Novo
Nuclear نووي Nuclear Nuclear
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Positive Adjectives That Starts With M

English Arabic Spanish Portuguese
Outstanding متميز Excepcional Excepcional
Overjoyed فرحان Eufórico Jubiloso
Pensive همس Pensativo Pensativo
Playful لعوب Juguetón Brincalhão
Poetic شاعري Poético Poético

Negative Adjectives That Starts With M

English Arabic Spanish Portuguese
Moody مزاجي Cambiante Temperamental
Nervous عصبي Nervioso Nervoso
Ominous مشؤوم Siniestro Sinistro
Obtuse غامض Obtuso Obtuso
Odd غريب Extraño Estranho


Q1: How can I use these adjectives in my writing?

A1: These adjectives serve as versatile tools for enhancing your expressions. Incorporate them into your essays, stories, or daily communication to add depth and color to your language.

Q2: Are these adjectives suitable for all age groups?

A2: Absolutely! Whether you’re a student looking to expand your vocabulary or an adult aiming to refine your language, this collection is designed for learners of all ages.

Q3: Can I share these adjectives with my non-English-speaking friends?

A3: Certainly! We’ve provided translations into Arabic, Spanish, and Portuguese, making these adjectives accessible to a broader audience.


Let the magic of language unfold with these marvelous adjectives. Whether you’re describing the majestic scenery, capturing the melancholic beauty of a moment, or adding a touch of mischief to your words, this collection empowers you to elevate your expression. Embrace the beauty of words, and may your linguistic endeavors be truly magnificent.


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