African American Health Insurance Essay | Act & Importance

Getting health insurance is a fundamental right and a pivotal aspect of leading a healthy life. However, there are disparities in health insurance coverage among different racial and ethnic groups in America. This essay outlines the challenges African Americans face in securing health insurance and the potential solutions to address this issue.

Essay On African American Health Insurance | Importance & Coverage


  • The Disparity in Health Insurance Coverage
  • Impact of the Affordable Care Act (ACA)
  • The American Rescue Plan (ARP) and its Effects
  • The Importance of Health Coverage

The Disparity in Health Insurance Coverage

There exists a persistent gap in health insurance coverage between African Americans and their White counterparts in America. This disparity is deeply rooted in historical socioeconomic inequalities and systemic racism, which have perpetuated limited access to quality healthcare services and insurance for African Americans. These inequalities are further exacerbated by factors such as implicit bias in healthcare decision-making and the disproportionate representation of African Americans in lower-income communities with limited healthcare resources. As a result, African Americans face significant barriers in obtaining the necessary healthcare coverage and services needed to maintain their well-being and address their healthcare needs effectively. It is crucial to address these underlying issues and work towards equitable and inclusive healthcare policies and practices that ensure equal access to quality healthcare for all individuals, regardless of their racial or ethnic background.

Impact of the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

The introduction of the Affordable Care Act in 2014 aimed to bridge this gap by providing affordable health coverage to all Americans, especially those who were previously uninsured. Through its provisions and subsidies, the ACA made significant progress in reducing the disparity in health coverage. However, despite these efforts, the under-insured rate among African Americans still remains relatively high compared to other demographic groups. While the ACA was a significant step forward in ensuring access to healthcare, it is important to acknowledge that it has not completely eliminated the discrepancy in health coverage, and further efforts are needed to address this issue comprehensively.

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The American Rescue Plan (ARP) and its Effects

The recently enacted American Rescue Plan has brought tremendous hope to uninsured African Americans by significantly increasing health insurance Marketplace subsidies. This means that now, more than three quarters of uninsured Black Americans have the opportunity to find comprehensive coverage for a mere $10 or even less per month, making it incredibly affordable and accessible. This groundbreaking initiative holds immense potential to not only address but also alleviate the prevailing health coverage crisis among African Americans, ensuring that everyone has equitable access to quality healthcare.

The Importance of Health Coverage

Health coverage is not just a policy; it’s a lifeline that plays a vital role in ensuring consistent access to essential healthcare services. This is especially crucial for marginalized communities, such as African Americans, who often face disparities in healthcare access. Possessing health insurance, whether it is publicly funded or private, is of utmost importance for all citizens in America. It serves as a safeguard, guaranteeing that individuals can receive the necessary medical care they need, when they need it, without financial burden or barriers. By having reliable health coverage in place, we can work towards achieving equitable healthcare access and improving the overall well-being of our society.


To sum up, despite the ongoing obstacles, new measures and policies bring optimism for bridging the health insurance divide among African Americans. It remains vital to maintain these endeavors, ensuring that affordable health coverage is attainable for all individuals, irrespective of their racial or ethnic identities.

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